What to do with those family photos!!

After coming back from my crazy trip to Arizona and working on photos for the eleven different families that I took while I was there, I started thinking about our family photos. You know, the ones I haven’t taken yet… um… And that got me thinking about Christmas cards. That I haven’t sent out since we moved here to North Carolina two years ago…. Good gravy!!! I need to get on the ball!

I had a few of those families write and ask me about Christmas cards. Back in the day I would just make something up for them, or use a template that a friend designed and let me use. But guess what? That computer drive crashed and now I have nothing… I know, I tell everyone I know to back up their stuff and what do I do? hmm…

minted logoSo, I saw some totally cute card designs from Minted! Have you heard of this place? So fun!! I clicked right over to their holiday section to look for Christmas cards thinking they would have a page or two. Nope. They had like…30 pages. And there is such a variety of cards!

In the past, whenever I was actually on the ball and sent out cards…I would usually plan the card around the photos… But seriously, this year, I think I am going to plan the photos around the card! They have so many different styles! Here are some examples:

minted card example 1You could take something simple as just your name and look how cute this card is! Also, it is nice to know that our name would fit since it has the same amount of letters as shown. 😉 But really, you could dress this card up, or do it casual. I find that to be the case with a lot of their cards!

minted card example 2This is another one that I thought was cute! Since there are still a few people out there that don’t know that we moved away from AZ, this would really let them know! 😉 And west coasters, there is a style for you as well!

minted card example 3In playing around more with their website, I realized you can really make these your own card! You can change the color accents, the greeting, the shape of the card, the format, the paper…the list goes on! And it is nice that you can change it right as you are looking at it on the screen too! I like the wavy card like this one. Adds a little interest! They also have ornament cards, folding cards…ok, I don’t want to feel like I am listing the different kinds of shrimp like they did in Forrest Gump. ha! But really…it is awesome and all done with a click of a button. 🙂

One more thing…in perusing their site today, I noticed they are having a sale…I KNOW, RIGHT!?!?! They are offering $25 off and free shippiing on holiday card orders, but…it looks like it ends tomorrow! (Monday!) What is nice though, is that you can go ahead and buy the cards now and personalize them later. Which is good for people like me that are, um, only slightly behind on taking their family photos…..hehehe…

Now, you need to help me! What are your favorite designs?? 🙂 I accidentally made my way over to their blog and got lost in there for a few hours looking around…hey, it happens!!  I am in love with their posts on design…there was a lovely house with a white washed brick kitchen area featured…I love love love it! And a neat bathroom… Oh, and don’t forget the recipes. Right there on the front page is a recipe for peanut butter fondue.  Seriously, I die. Check out my Pinterest account and you will see this is like my dream blog..haha!

But yes, anyway, let me know your favorite card designs, because I am just overwhelmed with everything right now…lol. 🙂


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