It’s all about the eyes… Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes Review

If you are on Facebook at all, you will have to have seen these eyelash photos floating around talking about this new mascara…I mean, they are everywhere, right? I was curious about them, but never did anything about it… Well, an odd thing happened and I was asked to try them out! What are the chances of that happening again? haha!

The full name is Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes by Younique. Fiber lashes you ask? Yes, that’s what I thought too. I still wasn’t sure how they worked until I checked out their website to read about them.


The 3D Fiberlash Mascara is just a simple three-step process that combines Transplanting Gel and Natural Fibers to help create the appearance of incredible thickness and volume to your existing lashes. They are NOT false lashes. They are your own! The fibers are natural…made from Green Tea Leaves, hypoallergenic and safe for contact lens wearers.

Younique has lots of other great products, but we’re focusing on the mascara for this review. All Younique products are natural based and a mineral makeup. There’s no testing ever done on animals.

As the instructions stated, I first used my regular mascara…which, I am still trying to find one, so if you have any suggestions, please send them my way. 😉 In this review I just used something from Target. So, I did a normal coat of that mascara and let it dry. The directions suggest doing one eye at a time, so that is what I did. First you put on the transplanting gel, which looks like regular mascara to me…then you hurry and apply the fibers followed by another go with the transplanting gel. Here are my results:

EyesFirst of all, in the top pic, you can tell that I was not blessed in the eyelash department. Or eyebrows for that matter, but I hope I cropped those out well enough…but this is my natural eye look.

The second pic is the regular mascara that I used. I did both eyes with that.

The third pic is where I did just one eye with the 3D Fiber Lashes, which I assume you can tell the difference there…I didn’t use a ton because with the black color I didn’t want to overwhelm my face, especially since I had some casual running around the day that I took these pics. haha!
The last pic is both eyes. Now, I don’t like a lot of mascara on my bottom lashes, so I usually only use a little bit. I didn’t use the fibers on the bottom lashes at all.

My thoughts about this product:

  • I like that there aren’t any harsh chemicals involved. The fibers themselves are made with 100% natural green tea fibers.
  • I definitely see a difference using this product!
  • I like that it comes off easily when you are ready for it to. I used warm water and my normal facial cleanser and didn’t have a problem.
  • After wearing them all day, I realized that I was seeing the fibers on my cheeks. The first time I tried them I saw some on my contacts when I went to take them out at night. The directions say to be liberal with your application of the gel, so the next time I wore them I applied even more than I did the first time, but I still saw fibers. I think it might be an experimental process to get it just right.
  • For me, this is definitely not a daily look. I usually wear full makeup on Sundays to church and on the times that Jeffy and I go out. I can definitely see me using this product then!
  • The price is about $30 for the kit and they say it lasts about three months. I don’t know that I personally would spend that much for something that I wouldn’t wear frequently, but you never know. I will keep playing with it for a bit longer and see what I come up with.

Raquel Dunn was kind enough to send this product for my review and you can check out her website to see the 3D Fiber Lashes as well as all of the other products they sell. She is  also on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

There are some other reviews from the Home and School Mosaic team if you were interested and you can read them here. It is always nice to get different opinions on things! 🙂

I was provided the product mentioned for free in hopes that I would mention it on my blog. I only mention things that I would personally use or I think my readers may use.
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