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At the beginning of October we took a little drive to Creedmoor to Cedar Creek Gallery for their 47th Annual Pottery and Glass Festival. I am only just now putting it on the blog because I didn’t realize that I had the photos still! After going out of town and then getting news that my computer drive is pretty much dead, I started going through some folders and cards… So, here have a little delayed blog post..ha!

There were a lot of people by the time we got there, but we still found parking. We showed up not really knowing where to go and someone suggested to us various areas. Walking around the corner we came up to a glass blowing demonstration. Unfortunately, we had come just at the end of it…but luckily, she was going to do another one soon so we hung around and listened to some Q&A.

The next project she was going to make was a pumpkin! She gathered the orange colored glass beads and got started! You could feel the heat from this thing standing far away from it…They wanted people to stand pretty far back, understandably!!

Cedar Creek Gallery

And look, the start of the pumpkin!

Cedar Creek GalleryAfter a little more playing, the pumpkin really took shape!

Cedar Creek GalleryWhat’s missing? The stem!! 🙂

Cedar Creek GalleryI didn’t get a pic of the very final product because she brought it right over to the bin area to cool it down. It has to cool at a certain pace so it doesn’t burst.

We walked around a bit and looked at some of the other items around the area. So many pretty colors! And there were some items from other artists there as well in the store. I didn’t have a lens that worked for the indoor shots, but you get the general idea…

Cedar Creek GalleryCedar Creek GalleryCedar Creek GalleryCedar Creek GalleryCedar Creek GalleryCedar Creek GalleryAfter walking around the store and other areas we were told that there was going to be another glass show. Cool!

They got a big blob of glass…….and stretched it……

Cedar Creek GalleryThey stretched it so far!! Almost the length of the patio we were all on! Quite impressive! Then, they broke off the very end piece where it was still pretty thick.

Cedar Creek GalleryThis allowed them to break the rest of this very long piece of glass and make little sticks out of it! See the char marks on the wood? Yeah, you definitely don’t want to touch that glass…

Cedar Creek GalleryIt was a very interesting place to go! We weren’t there very long as everyone started to get hungry. They did have some food trucks there, but nobody could agree on what to eat…so, we went off to another location for lunch.

I suggest making a visit the next time they have a festival, or just going there for the fun of it! They have festivals in the spring and the fall. You can view their website here. 🙂




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