Thursday Things

Woah, another week has gone by!! Only three left until Christmas! I have yet to buy a single gift, how did that happen??

I hope you had a great week… Here are my Thursday Things for this week!

First of all… I am so happy that we got a full house filtration system. Having well water was fine at first, but I don’t know what happened… The water got all metallic tasting which made showering and brushing your teeth something you didn’t want to do. :gag: So…all of our house is now on filtered water… YAY!!!

miltonscrackersNext are these crackers..  Now, I am not usually one to go for anything gluten free, but we saw these at Costco and thought we would try them. I won’t go into what else we saw at Costco and wanted….lol. I also don’t normally go for the ‘everything’ flavor. I think because with bagels the smell is just so…strong. These have a great flavor though, definitely not overpowering. Tasty!!


Ahh, gotta love this time of year, eh? Well, we rarely ever get sick.. But I think Kyle must have picked something up from church or something because he got a cold first…then Lauren… I think I am trying to get something, but maybe Airborne is keeping it away. I hope anyway… We will see! I get the teeniest bit of water to dissolve the tablet in, and they HAVE to be orange, and then I add a little bit of orange juice in with that. Tastes much better that way…

caress exfoliating body washOne of the last things for this week that I loved is this body wash. I have sensitive skin as I have mentioned before..and sometimes it is just hard to find skin care products.. Shampoo, soap, anything like that can cause all sorts of problems if I am not careful. I grabbed this on a whim at Target because I was looking for a new body wash. I like that this one was exfoliating. Little bead things in there, y’know.. 🙂 And my skin liked it too. The scent is lovely too… Of course, I keep wanting to say ‘before you dress….caress…’ but whatever. 😉

The last thing is this song.. He Knows My Name by Francesca Battistelli It seems like any time I turned on my phone music this popped up. Out of 500+ songs, that is pretty amazing! When I was looking for a youtube video to share, I found this 12 minute video. It is definitely worth a watch. And I love this song and the way she sings it…

Let me know what you liked about this week! 🙂

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