Lumo Project – Gospel of John

Lumo Project – Gospel of John

The Lumo Project is a ground breaking, multi-language biblical film resource transforming the way we discover, study and engage with the life of Jesus through the four New Testament Gospels: redefining the standard of visual Biblical media. The Lumo Project presents four films – one for each Gospel account – that will revolutionize the way we all experience the story of Jesus and the world of First Century Palestine in which he lived.

gospelofjohnTonight I watched the Gospel of John film… right away I noticed how different it was than typical movies and how they portray Jesus. This film takes the Bible texts as its script, word for word, unedited. That makes such an amazing difference. It contains all the original stories that changed the world, from Jesus’ miraculous birth to his agonizing death on the cross and his triumphal resurrection; all his miracles, his teachings, his parables and the extraordinary story of his life.

Five years in the making, this epic production has been critically acclaimed by leading religious scholars as a unique and highly authentic telling of the Jesus story. Narrated by leading British actor David Harewood (‘Homeland’, ‘Blood Diamond’, ‘Merchant of Venice’) it is based on the latest theological, historical and archaeological research. With specially constructed sets and the extraordinarily authentic villages and countryside of rural Morocco, it immerses the viewer in the world of first century Palestine. 

I felt like they did a great job in the movie. It was basically listening to a recording of someone reading the Bible, but it also had a movie to go along with it. Quite different. Sometimes I thought the movie wasn’t at the same spot with what was being narrated, but that is such a little thing.

gospelofjohn2The movie is a little over two and a half hours long, but it doesn’t seem like it is that long at all. I think this is a great family movie and I wish I had my kids around while I was watching it tonight.

You are able to choose the NIV version, the King James version or a Spanish version. The Gospel of John is presented in full with the NIV narrated by David Harewood and the KJV narrated by actor Brian Cox. I chose the NIV version. I enjoyed the narrating voice, it seemed to work well with the movie.

I highly suggest watching it! The movie is now, as of December 1st, available on Netflix! You can check out more information about this movie at their website. They also are on facebook, twitter and instagram.

I am looking forward to the other three movies coming out!


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