Back to school!

Well, we started back to school yesterday! I let the kids sleep until 9:15 to get them used to waking up early. Yeah, a few of them have been sleeping until 11am or later the last few months of break…crazy kids.

In case you don’t know, for our homeschool we take the fall off…our school year is January-September, or thereabouts. It is very different than what everyone else I know does, but it works for us…at least for now.

Since I lost everything on my computer hard drive, we pretty much had to start from scratch on a lot of things…which was frustrating to say the least! We pretty much do all of our school together. The kids are fairly close enough in age that it just works for us. They do workbooks on their own level and this year, for the first time, they are doing science separately.

Here is a iphone pic of our table after school today. I told them we would finish and then eat lunch, so everyone kind of abandoned everything… During school the table is pretty much covered!

homeschool table aftermath

If you are curious in what curriculum we are doing this year, as of now, it is listed below!

Back to School! Curriculum choices:

  • Sequential Spelling – a lot of these are easy words for my kids…they are just great spellers. Every now and again they spell a word wrong though. 😉 Plus, it is great to do first thing in the morning when they are still waking up after breakfast.
  • Life of Fred Elementary Physics – We are kind of behind in LoF because we started with easy books when I realized at the beginning of us homeschooling that the boys had issues with dividing.. And we were supposed to do this Physics book before we did Pre-Algebra, but, I think it worked out the way we are doing it. I think it helps me that we waited too…ha!
  • Cursive Handwriting is next and I just print things off the internet for that. I wasn’t going to teach it, but then I thought that was just would they ever learn to sign their name or read cursive writing from someone else? So we did it last year and are continuing it this year.
  • America the Beautiful by Notgrass – This is a pretty thorough curriculum I have discovered, I love it so far! I love all of the maps and that everything ties in together. I think they will learn a lot with it.
  • Bible stuff –  I am using the book 199 Favorite Bible Verses for Teens. I put a new one up every week that they can hopefully memorize or at least read every day. They are themed more towards teens, which I like. I also got the Jesus Calling Devotions for Kids book that we will do once or twice a week. Finally, we are doing the Draw to Learn by Notgrass and we are doing Acts. My kids love to draw and this will have to be our Art for this year due to our work load.
  • I have the books 100 Words Every Middle Schooler should know as well as the high school version. I put up a new word every day so that we can go over it. They may not use words like ‘aplomb’ in every day conversations right away, but at least they know what it means. 😉
  • Jump In by Sharon Watson –  This is a writing curriculum. I reviewed the high school version not that long ago, and I realized it was a little too advanced for all of them at the time so I purchased the younger version. Writing is not their favorite thing, other than little stories here and there, and this is for reluctant writers, so I think it will be perfect.
  • Apologia Science – Ryan is doing Biology and Kyle and Lauren are doing General Science. I know it will get kind of crazy with all of the experiments and such, with the rest of our work load, but I love Apologia sciences…
  • Christian Light Publications – they do workbooks for this, Math as well as Language Arts. Diagramming sentences for the win! 😉
  • A World of Adventure by Dorian Holt – Yes, this is our main curriculum for this year. We have never used this and I realize it is a huge undertaking, especially with all of the other things we are doing. But…we need to catch up on certain things and I am not ready to let those go.
  • I would like them to do languages on their own time. I do have books for French, Spanish and Latin in case they choose one of those and want an actual book instead of an app, but there are some great Language apps out there!
  • I also have a PE curriculum, but seriously, I just don’t know if we will get to it this year. It takes anywhere from 30-60 minutes every time we do it. I will have to see how it goes once we start doing WoA next week. (We aren’t doing it this week because I realized we didn’t have all of the ‘stuff’ that it requested.)

Anyway, that is pretty much all that we are doing! It is a lot I know! If you are loving some curriculum that I think I would like better, please let me know! I ordered a lot of this recently when I lost everything on my hard drive and a lot of it was spur of the moment decisions…

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