Thursday Things

This has just been a crazy week!

We had a lot of freezing rain the other day and that caused a bunch of issues on our roads. Jeffy couldn’t even go to work, although he did work from home all day. The kids were supposed to have an orthodontist appointment and we had all intentions of going since we have a 4wd, but the roads were still icy 30 minutes before we were to leave and even though Jeffy was home, he was working…so I didn’t feel safe driving myself. We rescheduled for another day, so that is good..

On a good note, here are my Thursday Things for the week! 🙂

jesus calling for kids

First of all we finished our first week of school last week and it went great! A couple long days, but I think it is all going to be doable for us! I am actually learning a bunch of new stuff along with the kids. Looking forward to all of the experiments and other things that we are going to do.. Now, we just need to find Ryan a microscope somewhere!!

But I have enjoyed the Jesus Calling book that we got. It is especially for kids and I love how easy it is to read and it gives examples of things they may be going through…

six scoops ice cream

Another thing that I have enjoyed this week is this ice cream. It is by Six Scoops ice cream, which is local to North Carolina. I just love the taste of it! The kids don’t like it as much because they say the chocolate chips taste like dark chocolate…but…I just say, more for me!! 😀 (forgive the blurry phone pic, I was cold, lol)

lauren with chickys

Chicky Bird is the bird on the right in this pic. Mini Chicky is on the left, it is his son. Yes, we are very original with names. If you had as many birds as we do, you don’t tend to get all that specific. Anyway, Chicky Bird got attacked by something the other day. Came home late and when I was going to get him in the coop I noticed he was covered in blood. Just everywhere. Now, he is our main rooster, surprisingly enough, but he can be a pretty tough guy. (I mean, look at the spurs on his feet!) We will never know what attacked him or what actually went down.. But I am just happy that he survived! We let him outside with the rest of the birds the next day and he just hid under the barn all day and he just did not want to go back in the coop with the rest of the birds at bedtime. So we have been keeping him in the bathroom and he is doing really well!! We are going to put him out again tomorrow and see how he does. I am sure it has made a difference getting food and vitamins and we sprayed his wounds to help them heal..

Bath & Body Works candleI ordered some candles from Bath & Body Works and we have been burning candles like crazy around here. We haven’t done that in ages! I really like the cinnamon sugared doughnut flavor! The kids are enjoying them too.

Last is this song.. Happily Ever After by He Is We. It is just totally catchy and I love the video too, I just watched it for the first time as I was looking for it to put up here. 🙂 Pretty cute. It’s like a rom-com movie all wrapped up in a video…

So, there are my Thursday Things! Let me know what you enjoyed about this past week!! 🙂





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