Saturday Snippets

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy sitting at the computer on a Saturday morning and seeing what kind of interesting things I can find.

I thought I would keep a record of what I find so Saturday Snippets was born. 😀 Why not, right?


So, if you like sitting and reading too, feel free to grab a cup of something hot and read along with me! 😀

1. I read about this guy that printed a bunch of film that was from WWII…Woah.. Can you imagine? He was the first one to ever see these photos..I do love the whole idea as he has printed other found film too, check out the galleries!  The Rescued Film

2. 100 Reasons Why Homeschooling is Good – The title says it all. 😉

3. I don’t drink tea, but dang, I kind of want the teacup and saucer at the top…hehehe.

4. I know quite a few Great Dane owners and I am always drawn to them myself, the dogs, not the owners, lol… So I got a little chuckle out of this guy getting ready for a nap. 😀

5. Have you heard about butt skipping? I hadn’t…until I watched this guy.. Ftr, it is like jump rope, but you do it with your butt, lol. Apparently he wants to beat the record..which is currently held by a student in Pennsylvania. :shrug:

6. So, how many of you are on a Friends binge on Netflix? 😀 I know there are a couple episodes that we missed, which is crazy, but now I want to start from the beginning again! Here are some clips that I had a giggle over watching again.. I love the sandwich one. hahaa!!

7. Hair. It causes so much grief in our house, lol. But I read this article and just took a deep breath and let it out slow.. Ahhh.. Yes, someone else gets it.. 🙂

8. I just love this story. People are fun. Watch the video with Styx in it. 🙂

9. Parent child lookalikes.. Some are eerily similar! Kinda cool.

10. Have you heard of the stock photobomber? You have to check it out….

Ok, that’s enough time being wasted. I guess we can all get back to the rest of our day. I hope you have a great weekend!! 🙂


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