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Red Cup Living {Giveaway}

Once upon a time back in high school, my junior year, oh however many years ago, I met a boy. And then we ended up married…. But I also met another boy in a, what was it like a life … Continue reading

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National Make a Friend Day!

If you are a long time friend of mine on Facebook, you know that I know a lot of those….secret national holidays. You know, the national holidays that aren’t really holidays? But…are fun to celebrate sometimes? Yeah, those… Today happens … Continue reading

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Rasmus and the Vagabond {Giveaway}

Did you read Pippi Longstocking when you were younger? I totally did! I remember the girls making their hair do the funky Pippi braids for dress up days and such… Does anyone still do that? Astrid Lindgren is the creator … Continue reading

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Saturday Snippets

Howdy!! I got so off track this week on what day was what, so the week just went by so quickly! I can’t believe it is Saturday already! I believe the sickness has all left the house, thank goodness! That … Continue reading

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Nourished {Giveaway}

I am sure that everyone has a time in their life when they just want to get away from it all and just start over. Sometimes I think that we just need to take a little time off…it could be … Continue reading

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Thursday Things

Woah this week went by quickly! I have been sick and then I thought I was better and now I don’t feel 100% again. Not sure what that is about.. 😛 I am so ready to be back to normal … Continue reading

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Roadmap Genesis {Giveaway}

Roadmap Genesis {Giveaway} When I say Genesis, what comes to mind? Filmmaker Nolan Lebovitz asked that same question to people that he came across on the streets. There are a lot of different answers, which is to be expected. That … Continue reading

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Yoga Pants!?!

So, if you have been anywhere at all on social media you have been bombarded with yoga pants. Yoga Pants!?! Yes, yoga pants. The craziest thing. Who knew an article of clothing could take the internet by storm. There are … Continue reading

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What I read in January

Woahhh, I didn’t think I was going to read very much this month! One of my books was huge and I finished it yesterday! :whew: So, who else signed up for a challenge? How many books are you hoping … Continue reading

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