Yoga Pants!?!

So, if you have been anywhere at all on social media you have been bombarded with yoga pants.

Yoga Pants!?!

Yes, yoga pants. The craziest thing. Who knew an article of clothing could take the internet by storm.

YogaPantsThere are women who wear them all the time and women who never wear them.

There are women that used to wear them all the time, but hate that their husbands would look at other women wearing them all the time, so therefore they stopped wearing them.

There are women who love that everyone’s husbands look at them wearing them all the time.

There are those that just like to complain about women wearing them.

Some have never worn them but want to start wearing them, but don’t want to be ‘that’ person.

There are women who are complaining that their yoga pants are too see through.

There are women that actually do yoga in them and some that think they are just a style of pants.

There are women who have deep conversations with themselves as to the correct undergarments to wear with yoga pants, if any.


The list goes on and on….

And I am the woman that just sits here and blogs about all of those ‘other’ women. 😉



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