Thursday Things

Woah this week went by quickly!

I have been sick and then I thought I was better and now I don’t feel 100% again. Not sure what that is about.. 😛 I am so ready to be back to normal though!

Let’s get right into this weeks Thursday Things and make sure you comment on what you enjoyed this week! I love reading them!!

BlacklistOne thing that I liked about this week is Blacklist.. We started watching it recently and are hooked! It is kind of gory for me in places, but I guess it goes with the show…so… Don’t ruin it for me if you have watched them all! lol
TraderJoeslogoAnother thing I enjoyed about this week was being at Trader Joe’s on Sunday at noon. It is like a party. Here in NC they don’t sell alcohol until noon and you could see people counting down the minutes and then the seconds. Then the bells ring, they get crazy over the intercom and everyone yells…caraaazy I tell you! 😀

banana bread with crumb topping

I have made this banana bread a few times already, but this week I made two loaves, one for Jeffy to take to work and one for the house. It is so good. I love me a banana bread but add crumb topping? Woah!!! I got the recipe here from ‘Little Bits of baking, crafting and life‘ and this is also her photo…because our bread was gone in mere minutes after coming out of the oven, lol.

Amazon-PrimeAnother thing I enjoyed about this week is getting Amazon Prime! Not that long ago they had a sale for $72 or something for Prime and I went to buy it and it said we couldn’t since we already had it. Huh? Well, we had the trial…ugh. Thankfully I mentioned something about it on facebook as a friend told me a way around that…and so I got Amazon Prime this week.. 😉

And yes…I had to include this. This was…awesome. 😀 So awesome seeing them in their characters now. I know this is everywhere right now, but oh how I enjoyed watching it… hehehe…

Ok, what did you like about your week? Next week I am hoping that one of my things is that I am feeling normal again!! Argh!!


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  1. Rachel says:

    I absolutely loved the saved by the bell skit. I miss watching that show.

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