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I got so off track this week on what day was what, so the week just went by so quickly! I can’t believe it is Saturday already!
I believe the sickness has all left the house, thank goodness! That definitely overstayed its welcome!

So, here are some things that I saw across the internet this week! I call them Saturday Snippets. Sit down and chill for a while and check them out! Let me know if you saw anything cool this week. Even if it is just something that came across your Facebook feed, because I haven’t been on Facebook much and probably missed it!

1. Do you have floaters in your eye? I have had them since I was little. One always reminds me of something on a diving board and I always used to make it do fancy dives when I was bored. :shrug: Well, I saw this educational Ted video and it explained a lot that I didn’t know!

2. In the winter it is a common thing for our animals water to freeze. Well, the birds luckily have heaters for their waters now…but the ducks don’t…and their pond (kiddie pool) freezes a lot. I have been hoping for snow, but alas, we have had a very mild winter. Just cold enough to freeze the water a bit. Anyway, I came across these beautiful photos of frozen bodies of water. Amazing!!

3. I know there have been a few people that do these fun photos, but I love how bright and cheery these are, and the kids are older. I think my favorite is the one with the bus. 🙂

4. Calories.. On a typical eating day I don’t usually consume very many calories. Sometimes when we go out to eat, like today, I kind of get a little silly. But I found this article interesting that showed what 2,000 meals looks like. CRAZY!!!

5. I have been doing a 365 project for a while now. I did my first one, a self portrait one a few years back and now I just do a random picture a day. But it is nice to look back on them, even if a lot of them are our birds…ha! This person did a one, or two, second video clip every day and put them together. I love that! I don’t do much exciting stuff or I would think about doing something like that because I am sure it would be wonderful to look back on as well. We don’t have any video of our kids!

6. Arizona. You want to know about it? Read this article. Except we never really did call them haboobs. That’s just something people in the news started using. I think they just like saying it.

7. This guy is amazing at archery. I mean…woah.

8. Our cats would love this house. Even the 16yo cat…

9. A few months back we got a Keurig. Neither one of us really drank coffee…but we figured we would try it out. Plus, it seems like when we have visitors, they like to drink coffee so it would be something good to have. The kids like it for hot chocolate too. Anyway, this little video is awesome with different coffee recipes around the world!

10. National Geographic determines what Americans will look like in 2050. It is pretty interesting!

So, that’s it for this week! I hope you enjoyed these links! 🙂


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