National Make a Friend Day!

If you are a long time friend of mine on Facebook, you know that I know a lot of those….secret national holidays. You know, the national holidays that aren’t really holidays? But…are fun to celebrate sometimes? Yeah, those…

Today happens to be National Make a Friend Day!

What is so easy for some people can also be something difficult for others!
You can Google ‘making friends’ and there are all sorts of sites with tips, but that doesn’t make it any easier, especially if you are older!

Moving to another state, not knowing anyone, was pretty hard for me. There were some online people that I knew and I was so happy to meet them in person!! I have made other friends, but they live pretty far away or have young kids and just can’t get away as easily as I can. And some…it’s just life. Life is busy!

In the past I made such great friends, you know, the ones where they just get you right from the start? Everything is great….and then they would move…or I would move…and that just sucked.

I know there are other ‘fish in the sea’ so to speak, but it’s a process! And like I said, life is busy! Making a new friend is almost like a part time job! I hope all of my new friends know that I think about them frequently even if we can’t get together all that often.

Have you made a new friend today? I haven’t left my house today and the UPS man left before I could chat with him, so for me…I am pretty sure I didn’t.

But…I think Make a Friend Day could be any day…so, here is to tomorrow! 🙂




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