My first Stitch Fix!

Woah…I didn’t realize how long it has been since I had posted! I haven’t been feeling well for a while and everything got pushed aside in the meantime!

But a month ago I signed up for my first Stitch Fix! I have heard about for a long time now and thought I would go ahead and see what the fuss is about. 😉 Because, you know me, let everyone else test it out first…ha!

All you have to do is go to the website and fill out a very small questionnaire. It was still winter when I filled mine out, so I suggested clothes to wear with it being cold. They have you choose a style that you like with a couple different kinds of questions and then you are set up and ready to get your first shipment! You can choose price points, how often you want a box and other things, it really helps narrow down what they send you!

I have to admit, I was quite excited….the wait, you know? They send you an email when it is shipped so I knew it would only be a couple days until it arrived. I like that it is sent quickly!

It arrived and I was impressed at how small everything was packaged…hahaha! I think they would be fantastic at packing a suitcase…

Anyway, here are the things that I got:

Stitch Fix 214I loved this shirt! It was lightweight and had purple, which I love. The print is fun and this is definitely not something I would have picked up off the rack…

Stitch Fix 214This shirt was nice…It was a little wide on me though. Again, it had a fun print that I normally would not have chosen.

Stitch Fix 214The jacket that I loved. Loved!! But, it was too small. I normally wear a size bigger for outerwear than I do shirts…

Stitch Fix 214Such a bad picture of these jeans, but I was by myself and it is the best I could do at the time, lol. But these jeans were perfectly sized. They are black and have a little stretch to them.

Stitch Fix 214

This shirt had a nice plaid print, but I wasn’t a fan of the colors. The lace detail on the back was fun though! This shirt too was pretty wide on me and just didn’t look right.

In the end I kept the black jeans and the first shirt. You have three days to decide what you want and then send the rest back in a prepaid envelope.

I wrote to my stylist and suggested that I didn’t need such wide fitting shirts and also some other suggestions.

I am looking forward to seeing what is in my next box which I should be getting any day now since I am so far behind in blogging…

If you want to try it out, you can use this link and I will get a little credit for it. 🙂 But if not, that’s ok too.
Let me know if you do try it though and I want to know what you get!

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One Response to My first Stitch Fix!

  1. Susan says:

    I love that plaid shirt. Do you happen to have any info still on it like the brand name and price? It might look nice open over a tank top. Thanks!

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