Seven of our favorite board games!

Sometimes here in North Carolina it rains… 😉

Yeah, ok…at least once a week it rains. And what better thing to do on a rainy day (besides lay in bed with a good book) than a board game?

I had nobody to play board games with growing up all that much so it is a great thing to look forward to when someone suggest playing one!

The kids tend to get one (or two or three, ahem) for Christmas to add to our collection. I have asked on Facebook for suggestions and some I have just found while browsing Amazon or just Google!

I thought I would share some of our current favorites and I hope that you tell me your favorites as well so I have ideas for future purchases!! 🙂 Yes, I have ulterior motives here people!!

Here are seven of our favorite board games!

Seven favorite board games for older kids

Clue Harry PotterClue Harry Potter version – We bought this forever ago it seemed. The kids couldn’t get into regular Clue back then but bring out ‘ol HP and they were all over it. Even Jeffy likes this one!

Scotland Yard board game

Scotland Yard – This one my sister in law suggested to us. She is from England and apparently played it for ages and her kids love it too. I am not the best at playing Mr. X so far as Kyle found me in two moves. No fair! haha!

You've been sentenced board game

You’ve been sentenced – This one gets super silly sometimes. We say silly sentences without the game, so this makes it even more fun.

Wits & Wagers Family EditionWits & Wagers Family Edition – This one is awesome.. Some of the things that you swear you know the answer to you end up being way off. I love the family edition as the categories are easy enough for everyone to at least try and guess!

Pandemic Board Game

Pandemic – Ohhh how we love this game. One of the reasons being that you work together and there is no winner/loser. That is great for people that don’t take losing all that well. I won’t name names. And I love that the game is always different. It took us a round or two to play it correctly…oops!

Settlers of Catan board game

Settlers of Catan – The kids and I played this in the RV when we first moved here. It was a great thing to do when you are stuck inside all day! The one thing I hate about this game is that our game tiles never fit together correctly and so it always falls apart a little. Very frustrating!

Agricola board game

Agricola – This game is somewhat similar to Settlers of Catan, but just has a different feel. I almost want to say I like it better? BUT… has a very high learning curve, I mean, we had to watch YouTube videos to learn how to play…

Those are pretty much our favorites right now! We have Quelf and Puerto Rico on hand to play sometime when we are looking for something new, but we haven’t played yet! They came recommended though!

I would LOVE to know what games you and your family like to play! Keep in mind our kids are 11+….they like thinking games or something to keep their interest like that…

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One Response to Seven of our favorite board games!

  1. Selena Pallas says:

    Well my littles are still, well little so we play Eye found it, mouse trap, and candyland. I cannot wait for us to be old enough to play cribbage- a card game, and chicken foot (also called mexican train)- a domino type game! We also love puzzles! I am now on a mission to find HP clue, Looks fun!

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