Saturday Snippets

SaturdaySnippetsIt’s a cold one here today! We currently have a fire in the fireplace and it feels nice! It is going to warm back up in the next few days to typical spring weather, and I will enjoy that too. I am just not ready for summer weather just yet…

So, if you are sitting by a fire with a nice cup ‘o’ somethin’, feel free to read this Saturday Snippets! Just some things that I have found around the internet lately that was interesting. 🙂

1. I so enjoy Tom Hanks… This is James Corden and Tom Hanks recreating every movie that he was in….in seven minutes.

2. A 90 year old widow whose seventeen children all died by the age of three finally has the large family she always anted after the community adopts her… Story here.

3. I love songs. I love song lyrics. Song lyrics in chart form is a total win…

4. Photography!!!

5. You thought Grumpy Cat was grumpy..

6. Ohhh, how I would love to visit these libraries!! All of them!!

7. I know if I show this to my kids they are going to want to try it…so, don’t tell them about this please, lol.

8. Ducklings are cute….and these have a friend in the bathtub with them… 🙂

9. I know it has been chilly in North Carolina, but this is crazy..

10. A stop-motion video about the possible construction of Trajan’s Column. It is quite interesting!

Ok, that’s it for this week! Let me know what interesting things you saw on the internet!! 🙂

I am off to go watch Hobbit with the family!


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