My March Stitch Fix

Sooo, I am a little behind in posting… Between health issues, school stuff and just general busyness, it seems like everything got pushed to the side…

This is my March Stitch Fix box! I did end up keeping everything in it, which surprised me!

I was so happy when my stylist found the jacket that I loved in a larger size! I talked about it on my blog here if you wanted to see what it looks like! I know the weather was going to start getting warmer, but I really loved that jacket! lol

Here are the rest of the things I got:

My March Stitch FixThis shirt doesn’t look like much just hanging there, but it fit great and it was a very comfortable material. And I love the color… 😀

My March Stitch FixThis is a scarf that is half lace and half print. I loved it! The colors were fun and I like the little lace bit. I feel that it could be dressed up OR down…

My March Stitch FixThis sweater is a much prettier color than what is shown here, but I didn’t have time to adjust it. It is a pretty green/blue and the elbow patches are a deeper teal color. Now, this wasn’t my favorite, or Jeffy’s, but it was cheaper to get the whole box than just the four other things that I liked a lot more. I still wear it though…

My March Stitch FixThis sheer blouse was a color that I am always drawn to. The fit was a bit wide, but I think with a cami under it, it makes a little more sense. I could also wear the above scarf with it as well. 🙂

This box was less expensive than my first box, the most expensive thing was the jacket, which makes sense.

I feel like my stylist listened to me with this box, for the most part!

Have you ordered a Stitch Fix box yet? You can use my link here and try them out! I do get a little credit if you use my link, but you don’t have to.. 🙂

I love seeing what everyone else gets though, so let me know!!!


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