Spaghetti Squash

I am so excited to be a Nello’s Mombassador! 🙂

My new favorite marinara sauce is Nello’s! They had asked me to try their sauces and I am hooked!

I had been craving spaghetti squash and when a box wish jars of marinara sauce come to your door, it kind of puts things in motion! This is their original marinara, they also have hot red pepper sauce and a Piedmont Pomodoro sauce! Look for more recipes on the blog in the future! 😉

Spaghetti squash with Nello's Sauce

So, I thought I would make an easy meal and share it!

I know some people have never made a spaghetti squash before, but it is very easy. This whole meal is pretty easy!

For the squash, I just cut it in half lengthwise…it’s not like cutting butter though, so be careful! Then I put it face down in a baking dish with about 1/2 cup of water and cooked it for 45 minutes give or take. Until it is tender.

When it is done, it looks like this!

Spaghetti squash with Nello's Sauce

I decided that I wanted a little protein so I browned up some mild Italian sausage. Didn’t take very long at all!

Spaghetti squash with Nello's Sauce

I mix the sauce with the meat and then put it over some of the spaghetti squash that I just strung out with a fork and sprinkled a little parmesan cheese on top! Add a little garlic knot and a side salad and it is a yummy little meal!

Spaghetti squash with Nello's SauceNello’s is available at a ton of Whole Food’s stores, but if you are local, I have also found it at Weaver Street Co-op!

I will have more information on future posts with more featured meals! I love this sauce!!

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