Three years ago

I am so thankful for Timehop! Since losing all of the photos on my computer, all I have is what I can find on my blog or some other random spots.. I was reminded today as I looked at Timehop that our yearly photo needed to be taken!

Our first one was done the night that we left in the RV, three years ago…the rest are just in front of our house. We were so excited to get out of the RV. Now, we are so excited at the thought of remodeling…ha!

And pay no close attention to this last photo. This was taken after doing animal chores and chasing the birds to get locked up for the night. We happened to have a stubborn turkey and some little chicks that just weren’t ready for bed. And it was hot. 😛 And ack…it’s a close up because the photo was taken vertically.. Oops…lol.

So, here is the progression so far!!





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