Five minute Friday

It has been a while since I have done a five minute Friday.. I figured today was a good day to do it since it marks a year since it has been hosted by someone new. Kate Motaung. I haven’t done it since she took it over…since it was hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker.

five minute friday

If you don’t know what five minute Friday is, you basically write for five minutes straight on the given theme. It changes every week. There is no overthinking the theme word. I usually look at the word at the last minute. There is no going back and fixing punctuation, changing what you wrote or any other editing. You just write for five minutes and hit publish. You can read more about it here.

This weeks theme is: here.

Starting my five minutes NOW:

It has been so frustrating lately reading anything on the internet. Sure, there has been some good stories… but a lot of it has been awful. People are treating each other so badly. Both physically and mentally. With words and with fists. Or worse. Mistreating animals, neighbors…kids.

Everyone feels so strongly on why they feel the way they do, but they don’t seem to want to listen to any other point of view. It is their way or nothing. It is showing as hate and it is ugly. It all comes out so ugly.. Words are said that cut like a knife…or a knife comes out and does even more damage.

Our world is in trouble. I know people see that. And there is no change, in fact I think it is just getting worse.

We need a change. We are all here. We can all do something. The more people that do something, the more that will help others do something. The something HAS to be good. Do Good! We are all here for such a short time… but we are all here. We can all do good.


Ok, well, that was five  minutes, kind of a bunch of nonsense, but there you go. I was a little frustrated at my internet, we have been having the worst time lately! Let me know if you join in with me on some Friday! I hope to do more of these as they help me just type away randomly. I need that every so often. 🙂


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2 Responses to Five minute Friday

  1. Yes, the more we do good, the more good follows us and spreads like wildfire. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Visiting from #fmfparty.

  2. denise says:

    such truth here.

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