Saturday Snippets


Woah… Saturday is almost over! Had a great time hanging out with friends for a bit today, I think we all needed that!! Three years of living here and not really knowing where I fit in and I think I found my people…lol.

I found some nifty things on the internet this week! Let me know what cool things you have found on the good ‘ol www recently! 🙂

1. There have been so many things running around my head lately. I try and put them into words and I just can’t seem to. This blog post has totally hit some of what I have been thinking. About kids and simplicity and saying no and having to say no. It is such a great read…

2. I saw this on facebook the other day and shared it with a friend that lived in AZ when I did. We are both in completely different states and a little out of our element, but she gets it. I think so many of my friends with older kids should read this blog post.

3. Arizona.. Nothing like it..

4. These photos just..make me want to go sit in a corner and hum to forget that I saw them…ha!

5. Some of these words could really be legit… I mean….

6. I am not a fan of roller coasters and I know I have seen a few new ones popping up here and there, but the first drop on this one pretty much guarantees that I won’t be going on it…

7. This was a little old as I remember first seeing it a while back, but it popped back up in my browsing so I thought I should include it. Yeah, sometimes it just helps knowing that people have bad days too. lol

8. I love cats. Especially silly cats.

9. This kid is pretty awesome. And fun to watch.

10. I love kids and I love art. Put them together and amazing things happen. 🙂

Ok, that was my Saturday Snippets for today! I hope you enjoyed a break from the real world for a bit!


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