I tried out Home Chef…

So, I know I have mentioned these recipe/food/meal box delivery services in the past. I have tried almost all that I have heard of! One of them had good food, but there is no way my family would eat any of it… Sensory family struggles.. There was another one that had great food…but not much selection and I found myself not wanting to order.

I heard of Home Chef and thought I would give it a try too. This isn’t a sponsored post, they didn’t give me anything for writing about them…this is just me passing along information. 🙂

home chef logoI decided to order a box. I loved the selections right away! There were things my family would eat AND you could choose from like twelve different things!! Everything I ever wanted…

Then, something strange happened. You know how you are looking around the internet at those new shoes that someone sent you a link to and then bam, you get ads for that same pair of shoes in your facebook feed? Yeahhhh, that’s what happened. A free box! Score!! I ordered it instantly!

I was so excited to get the box! I have mentioned this before, but when we get one of these boxes, there are usually three meals so I have each of the kids cook each meal. It works out so great.. They get experience in the kitchen, they get experience trying new foods and they aren’t playing video games! 😉

Day of delivery came…..and went. Apparently the delivery driver didn’t want to deal with the nasty construction on my street so he marked the package as undeliverable that day and scheduled it for the next day. Next day came….and nothing. And again. Apparently that time he didn’t feel it was safe to deliver the package. My thinking? He was afraid of the turkeys in the yard. I don’t know, maybe it was the bully ducks or our little rooster Chickie Bird. Anyway, it FINALLY got delivered on Saturday and everything was pretty warm. You know, fresh meat and all only lasts so long…

This whole time I was communicating with Home Chef’s customer service. They were amazing! They couldn’t believe what was happening either. I am happy that they could follow along with the delivery attempts so they would know I wasn’t lying, because a story like that, it was just so unbelievable…ha! They ended up letting me get another box on them since that box wasn’t useable.

Enter in our first real box!! We made the first dish and it was gone before I could even take a pic of it. It was so good… The other two meals were just as yummy but I made sure I told everyone to pause so I could get my pics… Those I think I posted on Instagram. But I thought I would take some better pics of our next box and share with you all! 🙂 I am so happy I tried out Home Chef…

The first meal we cooked was Pan-seared Chicken Bruchetta with Heirloom Baby Tomatoes, Parmesan, and Microgreens. Ryan made this meal and he did great! It was very tasty! Here is what ours looked like! Looks yummy, right??

Home Chef Chicken Bruschetta

Our next meal was Teriyaki and Sriracha marinated Flat-Iron Stead with Wasabi Whipped Potatoes and Roasted Shiitake Mushrooms. Now I will have to say that I am open to trying a lot of foods, but I just couldn’t eat the mushrooms. I had all intentions to, but I just couldn’t. AND….there was no way I was going to add wasabi to perfectly good potatoes…ha! But, the meal was still lovely! 🙂 The boys in the household were happy, you know, meat and potatoes and all. Kyle cooked this meal, steak is his favorite! Here is what that meal looked like!

Home Chef Teriyaki Sriracha steak

And finally it was Lauren’s turn! She was doing the Italian Pork Chop with Mozzarella Baked Tomatoes and Asparagus meal. This was pretty simple of a recipe, which was nice for her. These tomatoes? Oh my word, they were so good. I need to make them like that again! Why haven’t I made them like that before?? Anyway, here is how that meal turned out for us…

Home Chef Italian Pork ChopSeriously, I was so happy with this entire box! Ryan is ready to order one every week, ha! I don’t know if we can do that, although I would love to! I like that there are so many options to order from and that you have until Friday the week before to order. You can specify what dietary guidelines you would like to follow when you sign up. The recipe cards are big and three hole punched so that you can keep them in a binder! It tells you on one side what you need for the recipe and on the other side it breaks down nutrition info and mentions what drinks would pair well with each meal.

I found the service I will be using from now on and I am quite excited!! 🙂 Have you tried Home Chef before? What was your favorite meal?


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3 Responses to I tried out Home Chef…

  1. Marcela Franco says:

    Yes, I am ordering from Home Chef every week! I don’t have the time or energy to keep up with grocery shopping, and I’m on a gluten-free diet, so it’s hard to buy food at fast food restaurants like I used to. I have liked the meals a lot, and I think my favorite so far was the Health Takeout Orange Chicken. I couldn’t believe I cooked something that smelled and tasted like yummy Chinese food! Thanks for sharing your experience, Jennifer.

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