Thursday Things

Getting back into it y’all!

I do love remembering the good things about my weeks. That’s why I had started Thursday Things. I can still look back and see different products and things that were going on in my life, and I love that! Kind of like an extended version of Timehop! 😀

So, let’s get into this weeks Thursday Things shall we?

college homeworkLast Friday I was able to get Ryan registered for two college courses. Talk about last was the last day to register! He was able to get into math and English for this semester. He can choose some other things next time as long as he gets a ‘C’ or better in both of these classes. He will have so many college credits by the time he is done with high school, that is so awesome that they offer this for high school kids. There are some tweaks to our schedule that has to be made, since he doesn’t have his drivers license, but it is all worth it! 🙂

balm chicky balm balmOk, I HAD to get to get this just because of the name. I mean….Balm Chicky balm balm?? Who cares if it is $8…sorry eos… 😉

Back to Nature Fudge Mint Cookies… Ahhh, these are so tasty! Much better than the kind that come out only certain times of the year. :ahem: Now, where can I stash these so that nobody eats them all before I do?

Burt’s Bees honey throat drops…Our family had been hit by a sore throat bug. It’s weird because that’s all it is, a sore throat. I think I am on a honey kick because I saw these in the store and thought they would be just what I was looking for. It took a little bit to get used to the flavor, but I think they are great! 🙂

If Still It Can’t Be Found by Joe Pug – I don’t know, I just keep listening to this song lately. It’s not hard on the ears and has nice lyrics I suppose…

Welp, that’s my Thursday Things! What have you enjoyed about this past week? 🙂


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