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Around-NCThis past weekend I was happy to check my email and see that a local organization, CLAWS, was doing a hawk release. We had no plans, so Jeffy, Lauren and I took our Saturday morning to check it out! These are hawks that needed to grow, get healthy, or fix any other problems they  may have in order to be released.

They met at a park that was only 15 minutes away which was nice.. They started out talking a little about what they do, showing some of the birds that they use for educational purposes. This guy only had half a wing. But I think he liked my camera. 🙂

CLAWS hawkCLAWS hawk

Then we moved over to the dog park for the release. They had four hawks that were being released! I took photos of all four, but I figure I will just show some pictures from the first one. This one just wasn’t sure that it wanted to be released. It was fun to watch it being raised…and then lowered…raised…and then lowered…and then raised one more time.

CLAWS hawk release

CLAWS Hawk release

CLAWS Hawk releaseI don’t think anyone was ready for when it actually did take off! It was a wonderful sight to see though, it flying off…it went toward the trees that surround the park. Another hawk flew real low over the dog park and that was kind of funny too..the dogs were very interested!

All of the hawks ended up in the trees, probably just wanting to hang out and observe their surroundings a bit.

Now, even though hawks are things that we don’t like to see around our birds that we have…I still think it is wonderful that there are people out there that take their own time and resources to help these hawks. CLAWS deal with other animals too! All out of their home! They do educational shows around town too…I attended one previously and we learned plenty of new things!

They could always use donations, or, if you are local, there are some wants lists for some of the animals. Some are simple like nuts…or even baby rattles for raccoons! Check out their wish list here and see if you have any of these things to help them out! 🙂

If you are local in the general Durham/Chapel  Hill area, feel free to check them out! The show I went to was in Carborro and this hawk release was in Hillsborough. I am looking forward to keeping up on their facebook page for any more programs and/or releases!!

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