Thursday Things

Another week is on the books!! That seemed fast…as usual!

I have been kind of frustrated today, so it is good for me to think about the things that were good about this week. 😉

Let’s get right on to this weeks Thursday Things shall we?

that's it fruit barFirst thing is this little bit of yumminess. I looked for the ingredients on this package and it is literally JUST apple and blueberries. I have tried the pear and apricot as well and it is the same thing! I didn’t realize they had strawberry, but if I find that, for sure I will buying it!

solarcaineNext up is this little guy. I got a sunburn from the pool and this stuff takes the edge off. I used to use the aloe from the actual plant when we were in AZ, but well, we don’t have that here, so this will have to do. It feels good for a little bit anyway… 🙂

private selection panko crumbs parmesan herbWe make baked chicken with bread crumbs and I always try to have these bread crumbs on hand. I haven’t gone to Kroger in ages…but was on my way home from the dentist the other day and knew we were planning on chicken this week so I picked some up. It has such good flavor and since they are Panko break crumbs, they are a little lighter than regular bread crumbs. 🙂

watermelon lemonade bath and body works soapOh goodness…this soap is the best smelling thing! I was on a Method brand of soap forever…and then their scents just started not appealing to me as much. I am still holding out hope that they will win me over with new scents again, but whatever. So, a few months ago I placed an order for a big ‘ol box of their soaps. From the internet it can be hit or miss on what it actually smells like in person, but I just clicked on the things that sounded good. I have been about 50/50 on the soaps so far, but this one was pretty dang good. I wish I had gotten more! I do need to order more soaps, but I know it is all about the fall now….which I really don’t mind either….hmm….

I know this is kind of old, but I found myself showing it to Ryan while he was waiting for Kyle to get his haircut. I love going on Smule and seeing the combinations of people singing together. That one guy with the high voice?? Dude… I just like this combo though.. 😉

So, that’s it for this week and yeah, I feel better thinking of good things from this week. 🙂 Y’all should make sure you take time out at least once a week and think of all the good things! Let me know some of them, I like to know what makes other people happy…

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