6 of my favorite Instagram accounts!

So, I spend a lot of time on Instagram. It is just so easy. It’s pictures. I don’t have to scroll through any nonsense, be invited to things I don’t care about, see things that I don’t understand. It’s just photos.

I thought I would make a post on 6 of my favorite Instagram accounts! 🙂

Six of my favorite Instagram accounts


I do a daily photo using the prompts from this account. It gets me to take photos of things that I probably would never have! Some of the prompts are really hard for me but others are just perfect for my day.


This is a newer account that I found a month or so ago. It is just…so funny. The pictures are actually pretty good, nice lighting, etc.. 😀


I have been a fan of his since he had a blog way back in the day. Some of the words that he comes up with are just wonderful… He definitely has a way with words..


This one makes me laugh so many times. 😀 He takes photos from accounts that are submitted and he draws little cartoons on them. Some of them are just hilarious, others are just cute…Each one definitely took some thought though!


Now, most everyone has heard of this account I am sure. I have read his book and follow his posts quite often. I think it is fascinating. I know there are others doing this too now, but it isn’t the same. Some of the stories he includes from these people are heartbreaking… Some are funny, and some just show what toddlers are wearing that day. 🙂 Love it all!


This was an account that I followed forever ago and I admit it gets kind of old sometimes, but some of the posts are so spot on with what is being posted on instagram… 😀


I have plenty more, but I thought I would end it here. I follow so many different types of accounts, but these always make me happy. 🙂

What accounts are you following that you love? I would love to check ’em out!!




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