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We enjoy going out to eat… and while I don’t eat red meat very often, I won’t say no to a good burger. I think we have found my favorite burger so far in NC!

A couple years ago a friend told me that I HAD to try this place called Brookland Eats in Roxboro. It took me about a year to try it, that’s pretty sad…ha! I don’t remember what I ate that very first trip there, but I had a bite of Jeffy’s burger and it was dang tasty. I have ordered the burger every visit since!

This last visit, we decided to change things up so we ordered some of the freshly made chips. We live on the edge, dontchaknow..

Brookland Eats chipsThe chips were perfect! They were not all soft and they weren’t so hard you felt like your teeth were going to break. The perfect crispiness that a chip should be is what it was..

For a burger, I like mine with lettuce and tomato, heinz 57 and french fried potatoes. Yes, I did just get caught up in a Jimmy Buffet song, but really, I only like mine with lettuce and tomato only. 😉 I don’t like a lot of sauce or anything with a burger since it would just cover up the flavor, especially one as tasty as this one…..

Brookland Eats CheeseburgerI can’t say no to sweet potato fries either. Such a great accompaniment with a cheeseburger…or a few other things.

The restaurant is decorated in such a great style. It is in an old brick building and has wood floors with a lot of character. I love the style of the semi-industrial rustic look!

Brookland EatsI love that Brookland Eats uses food from local farms and other suppliers all across North Carolina. I can’t really speak for the rest of their food really, but their burger is my favorite so far here in NC!


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