Open meatball sandwich with Nello’s!

I am always excited to think of new recipes for the boys.. We used to go to Subway and Ryan would get a meatball sub. We don’t really eat there anymore and I realized he hadn’t had that sandwich in ages..

So, that gave me a perfect reason to make my own version of a meal with meatballs! I pulled out a new jar of my Nello’s sauce… I am a Mombassador, remember? 🙂 It has such a great flavor and it pairs wonderfully with meatballs, no pasta needed!

Nello's Marinara JarI have thought of numerous recipes to use with my Nello’s sauce, but thought I would at least take pictures of this latest meal.. 🙂 Open meatball sandwich with Nello’s!
It is all so very simple, which is my favorite kind of meal!

I cooked up some meatballs and then simmered them in some of the marinara sauce. Meanwhile, I put a little butter on a half of a sub roll and toasted it in the toaster oven. When it was just a little brown I just placed the meatballs on the bread. I sprinkled a little grated cheese on top and put it back in the toaster over for just a few more moments. It doesn’t take long!

Open meatball sandwich with Nello's marinara

It is an easy meal to make for lunch and fills up the boys stomachs! I had to try it myself, so I added in some watermelon and a little salad. Perfect!!

Now I will have to remember to take photos of some of my other ideas so I can share them here in the future! 🙂

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  1. Oh, yum! That looks so good. I have a recipe I need to share … just wasn’t too thrilled with the photos. I need to remake and shoot again.

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