Sticky Gooey Messy Pumpkin Party

Last week I had a party. It wasn’t just any party. It was a Sticky Gooey Messy Pumpkin Party. We had pumpkins and we decorated those pumpkins. There was pumpkin guts EVERYWHERE…paint…mod podge…chalk…

And the food… We had caramel apples, Rice Krispie Treat pumpkins, Chocolate covered Oreos with sprinkles, honey roasted pumpkin seeds…it just goes on and on. The messier the better…

Mr. Clean has a new concentrated cleaner and they had wanted me to try it out. Hence the Sticky Gooey Messy Pumpkin Party. Haha! It really put it to the test!

Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats – those are tootsie rolls as stems.. 😀

pumpkin rice krispie treatsHalloween Chex Mix with white chocolate coating..

Halloween Chex MixPumpkin spice pretzels..

pumpkin spice pretzelsHoney roasted pumpkin seeds..

honey roasted pumpkin seedsThose are only the things that I took pictures of…ha!

You want to see what my kitchen looked like after making all of that?

pumpkin party aftermathYeah, it was kinda crazy! But really, it was kind of fun putting this party together! I haven’t done that in a long time!

I put together a little movie that shows how much fun was had during the pumpkin party. 🙂

You can see that there was a definite mess going on! It was a cold and rainy morning. I am happy that everyone still showed up! We even had more people show up than expected, but it worked out ok! There were plenty of pumpkins.. We had big carving pumpkins, little pie pumpkins to paint or mod podge, pumpkins painted with chalk paint and fake pumpkins that could be carved or painted…or whatever!

I was happy to try out the new Mr. Clean concentrated cleaner to see how well it worked.. I put a little bit on the sponge and cleaned everything in the kitchen. I just went back over it all again with the sponge with just water. That was it. Easy peasy. I had the lemon flavored cleaner and sometimes that can be hit or miss on how pleasant the scent was. This was a nice scent!

It was nice to have a clean kitchen again! 🙂

Mr Clean kitchen after

Everyone at the party got some Mr. Clean and a sponge as well as some fall party planning tips and recipes. They can make their own mess too! ha! They could, of course, also keep their pumpkin(s). One lucky winner won a pumpkin decorating package that included a pumpkin tureen that is super cute. So fun!

I know everyone that went to the party would like to thank Mr. Clean for allowing us to have that time together, even though it was cold and rainy.. 🙂

My chickens enjoyed the pumpkin party leftovers too.. hehe..

chickens enjoying pumpkinThis post was sponsored by Mr. Clean.  All expressed opinions are completely my own though, as usual. 🙂



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