Thursday Things

What a week! I was out of town and had hoped to get a lot of stuff done while away, but internet access was spotty, so that didn’t work.. Getting caught up is taking more time than I thought it would!

But I thought it was a good time to do a Thursday Things post! 🙂

Here we go!

Jennifer tv

We went to an electrical thing that Jeffy is a part of… and I won a 50″ TV! 🙂 That was pretty fun. I do have a tendency to win raffles.. So when they called my number, Jeffy asked me if I knew I was going to win. Pretty much, lol. Ryan gets our old tv so he is excited too.

Maybelline Volum’Express Big Eyes Mascara – I have a hard time finding a mascara that I like. I don’t have a ton of eyelashes so I don’t like a lot of mascara because it gets what lashes I do have all clumpy. I like this mascara because it has two ends.. The main mascara side and then a smaller wand to get lower lashes. The combination of the two works perfectly! 🙂

I love me some peanut butter cereal but some other brands are…kinda weird and leave a weird feeling in my  mouth. 😛 These taste super yummy with no icky… I have to take a pill every night with food and when I forget to eat it with my dinner I can have a handful of cereal. Great snack! 🙂

Ryan is doing great in his college classes! At the moment he is getting an A and B, we will see how he ends up next month! Last Friday he was able to sign up for two more classes for next semester! It will be interesting… He is taking Psychology and Music Theory.. I hope he has another great semester! 🙂

I love these yearly mashups! There are some fun songs in there. 🙂 There was so many that he had to do two parts!

Anyway, those are some things that I liked about this week! Let me know what you loved about this past week!


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