Thursday Things

First Thursday of December! I just know that I am going to blink and December will be over. We haven’t even started shopping for gifts yet. Not even one thing. We are usually a little bit more on the ball. :sigh: Doesn’t help that nobody knows what they want. 😛

Anyway, thought it was a good day to do my Thursday Things post! 🙂

cody the goat

The first thing I liked about this week is this little guy. If you follow on social media at all, then you know that one of our goats had a health issue and we took him to NC State Vet school but they couldn’t save him. 🙁 We were all so sad, and especially the one goat we had left. Goats are herd animals and need friends around. So, we looked on Craigslist and found someone selling this little guy. We thought it would be cute doing the whole bottle feeding thing, but I couldn’t stand the thought of separating him from his mama and vice versa, so we got her too. Hoping that Charlie will start playing with them soon…


Another thing that I liked about this last week is my visit to my cardiologist. I had been scheduled to come every six months, but she said I was doing so well that I can come every year. Woohoo! Let’s keep it that way! 🙂

familyartSo, this is a random pic, but keep reading and you will understand, lol. On Halloween we had my friend take some family pics of us. We haven’t had a photographer take pics of us all since Lauren was four months old. Isn’t that ridiculous!?! Well, I got the cd in the mail this week.. Yay! And, I haven’t ever seen Jeffy excited about pictures like he was about these. Score!! 😀

udderly smooth foot creamI know I reviewed this in the past, but I just ordered more from Amazon and got it this week. I love this stuff. 🙂 No more dry flaky heels with wearing flip flops all summer. Love it…

I know I posted something similar last time, but I so love these things! This one is done slightly different than the last one I posted. Just fun!! 🙂

So, what did you like about this past week? Let me know, I like to revel in all of the good things….hehe..

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