Madam Glam

I recently got a few different colors of Madam Glam nail polish. I don’t often have any color on my fingernails, but I do love me some on my toes! If my toes don’t have color and I happen to look down, I am startled with how plain it looks!

Look at these fun colors! Which is your favorite? 🙂

IMG_1140Well, Jeffy’s work is having their Christmas party on Friday so I decided to get a little crazy and paint my fingernails. What!?! I know!

My outfit was mostly black, with a little white.. I was going back and forth on what color but decided on the dark red… Now, I am much better at painting my toes than my fingers, but I think it looked great! I definitely picked the right color!

Madam Glam polish

For the most part, I have pretty much stuck with the same two nail polish brands.. When I was sent these colors I was quite interested to check them out!

I noticed that the polish was a little thinner than I am used to, but once I did a second coat they looked perfect. I do two coats with almost all polish anyway.

I am excited to try out some of the other colors next week!

If you want to check out their other colors and try some for yourself, you can go to their website, Madam Glam. Let me know if you get any, what colors! Or just let me know what colors you like! I will totally take your suggestions into consideration.. Their polishes are cruelty free, which is a plus as well as 5 free…which means that they don’t have a bunch of icky stuff in the ingredients. They are free of formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and toluene—plus formaldehyde resin and camphor, too.

If you reallllly like the colors, feel free to use coupon code benbidder30 to get 30% off of your order! Cool beans, eh? 🙂

They also have makeup! Check them out!! Madam Glam!

I was given product for my honest review and that is what this is. 🙂



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