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I recently tried out the Home Try On program at Warby Parker. I do wear eyeglasses in the morning and evening, or just whenever I am not wearing my contacts. The place that I normally get my glasses sometimes has a good selection….and sometimes they don’t. And it is busy so there isn’t always a lot of time or space to try on the glasses that you want to.

warbyparker logoWith the Try On program, you can pick up to five frames and try them out for five days! There are so many to choose on the website too! I am picky because of my face shape but I found some that I liked.. Now, I am glad that I wasn’t just ordering them without trying them on, because some definitely fit my face shape better than others…ha!

They have a new winter collection right now and I made sure to get one pair from that. You can mix eyeglasses with sunglasses which is what I did. They start at just $95 which is a great price! AND with each purchase, a pair is distributed to someone in need! Love that!!

Now, I was planning on taking better pics, but it had been raining for a week straight. Not just raining…full on flash flood warning type rain. So, I just did what I could. You may get a laugh. 😉 But, here are the choices that I tried out.. Let’s start with the sunglasses!

Warby Parker Aldous

I thought that these were great! The only problem is that I ordered them in English Oak. I already have a great pair of brown sunglasses that I wear everywhere. I should have tried them in black!

Warby Parker Reilly

Now, I liked the color of these…but they were just bit too big for my face. In my opinion anyway, I know some of you like your big sunnies.. 😉

Warby Parker Sims

I loved the color of these! Loved! And I thought they looked good with my face shape. Hooray!! 🙂 They did sit a little crooked on my head, but I am sure that once they would be ordered it would be fine…

Warby Parker Simone

I loved these too! The glasses I have now have a little blue on them too, so I must still like that! 🙂 But these colors all work together and work with a lot of my clothing options, should I ever have to wear them out in public. heh

Warby Parker Eaton

This is the one from the Winter Collection that I tried. I loved them too, see the blue? Yup, must still be loving the blue. ha!

You know what I found out? They even sell a monocle. YES! I love that…lol.

I am going in to get my eyes checked again in the spring.. So I am thinking about what glasses I would get after that.. I love that I can try a lot of their glasses on first, in the comfort of my own home! There are a ton of different styles, I just happen to like the chunkier glasses. At least right now. Ask me again in the spring and it may be different.. 😉

No, I didn’t get anything for this post. I did a home try on just like anyone else would, sent them back like anyone else would. Didn’t get free glasses or a discount. This is just what I thought of their glasses. I kinda dig what they do and that they give a pair of glasses to someone in need. Good eyewear, good outcome.

Have you tried any glasses from Warby Parker? Or do you have a favorite? Let me know! 😀



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