Saturday Snippets

Howdy! January is already half over! I swear…Valentine’s Day is going to come and then bam, it will be Halloween. Aghghgh, make it slow down!!

I’ve been on the internet frequently lately catching up on stuff, since our lovely internet was not functioning for a few days. The internet company told us that they have the technology in place to provide us with faster internet, all they have to do is flip a switch…they had plans to roll it out in December, but…nothing. :sigh: So, here we sit with download speeds of .54 and upload speeds of .38, or something similar. Gotta love Century Link out here in the country. 😛


On that note, since I WAS on the internet, I came across quite a few things! Figured I may as well make it all into a Saturday Snippets post! 🙂 Now granted, some of these things may be old….but I might have just seen them for the first time, lol.

1. I just watched this video and will now look at jelly beans differently. Woah.

2. I’m pretty late to the game, but I had no idea that there was furniture for sale!?!?

3. Kids reunite with their fathers in prison in this video. Wow, what a meaningful day for them all.

4. A church in TN asked members of their church to each donate a dollar. Check out what they did with that money here.

5. This photographer is taking photographs of women in every country.

6. Photography, laughter and animals…some of my favorite things here! 🙂

7. This dad can’t say eyes. lol

8. Oh, just skating on the street. NBD. Except it’s ice skating!

9. So much goodness on just one website.

10. These large scale murals of children are so neat.

That’s a good batch of goodness right there..

Let me know what silly, cute, and interesting things you have found on the internet lately. 🙂



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