Colonial Williamsburg Homeschool Days!


Ok, so it really isn’t in NC, but it is so close….and it says ‘AROUND’ North Carolina, so….. 😉

Now that I found a memory card with pictures on it, I am going through and catching up on posts!

Late 2015 we went to Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. This particular trip was set up with our local homeschool group as a sort of kick off to the school year. They had gotten a bus to transport everyone which was nice so that I didn’t have to drive forever….but not so nice because we were running late and got the last seats back by the bathroom, lol.

What is nice is that we went during the Colonial Williamsburg Homeschool Days! They do this twice a year, usually around September and then again in Feb/March. This is nice because the price of a normal adult ticket is $40.99 and kids is $20.49. With the homeschool days discount that drops to $10 and $8!! That is huge!! They also have discounts on multi-day tickets and great prices on lodging.

Anyway, after a bus ride that lasted almost 4 hours where we slept off and on and stopped for a leg stretching, we finally got there!

Welcome to VirginiaIt was a little overwhelming when we first got there…but looking at the map we realized it was pretty easy to see everything if you follow a certain path. We didn’t want to follow the crowd though, so we just kind of zig-zagged our way through.

I loved how everyone is dressed up the way that people were back then. A lot of the people spoke with English accents and such. Here are some photos that I took while were there. Any of the people that were making things, were using period tools. They had to get used to that or sometimes they would hurt themselves if they didn’t use them correctly.. So, some of these pictures have tools and such that were made by these people. I was definitely amazed at all of that…

The architecture was interesting as well. I loved that part of it. It seems like there was something new to look at every few steps! You could almost imagine living back then the more you walked around.

Colonial Williamsburg Homeschool Days IMG_8278 IMG_8286 IMG_8290 IMG_8292 IMG_8294 IMG_8299 IMG_8300 IMG_8304 IMG_8307

We definitely enjoyed ourselves! One thing we did was to leave the Colonial part and went to the more modern part for lunch. It is all just within walking distance, so it wasn’t long at all. We saved quite a bit of money that way. I don’t think we missed out on the experience or anything, plus I know my kids would eat the food where we went. 😉 So, that’s a suggestion if you are on a budget. It also allowed us extra money for souvenirs and that sort of thing.

I would definitely suggest wearing comfortable shoes. There is a lot of walking! By the time we were to meet the bus we were all more than ready to head home. On the way back we stopped for a bite for dinner and got home late in the evening.

I do suggest visiting Colonial Williamsburg if you are ever in the area! 🙂

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One Response to Colonial Williamsburg Homeschool Days!

  1. Kelly Cochran says:

    Nice post. We are making our first trip to Colonial Williamsburg for homeschool day this year. We are doing a three day outing which is Williams burg on the first day, Jamestown Settlement & American Revolutionary Museum, on the second day, then on the third day a trip to the beach before heading home.

    Note: Jamestown has homeschool days too and they run the same time as Williamsburg (at least in September). We are also doing a 2 hour Student Led Tour at Jamestown which gives a little more depth and is included in their fee. Homeschool Price at Jamestown $12.00 per person, under 3 free.

    Both run a fall homeschool days September 9-24 in 2017, need to preregister. They also have a spring session but I’m not sure when.

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