Saturday Snippets

My whole week is a little wonky and I totally had to be reminded that it was Saturday today! I think we will get back on track Monday…hopefully. We took this last week off school and need to get back to it again!

So, I had a little bit of time this week to peruse the internet and I found some interesting things! Grab a cup of coffee, or whatever your drink of choice is and sit for a while. Relaxing does a body good dontchaknow. 😉

Let’s get with this weeks Saturday Snippets!


1. Tom Leveen is someone that went to my high school. He is a YA author and I think I have mentioned some of his books in my What I Read posts. He recently had a Ted Talk about Scared vs Afraid and the power of words. It is worth a listen!

2. I watched this and was quite impressed.. I showed it to Jeffy and he didn’t really say much about it. Whatever. Watch it and let me know what you think!

3. I fully expect my cousin Madi to do this and live to tell about it, lol.

4. I was just talking about this recently with my mother in law. We love watching sheep being herded by the dogs. But watching this view of it is just amazing!!

5. Very fitting that this is a Kleenex video. :sigh: You will need one.. I wish it was longer though!

6. I have thought similar things about this very same thing, and other variations, but I definitely got a chuckle reading this. 😀

7. Ok, I am saving this one for me to have in a safe place. I pin so much stuff on Pinterest I am afraid it would get buried..and since we are hoping to do a remodel this year….well….

8. I love me some babies. And this is such a cute little 26 second video with a baby in it. 😀

9. I can’t even imagine how you clean up something like this? lol

10. This year Jeffy and I are going to be celebrating 20 years of marriage. I can only hope to spend many years with him and get our photos taken like some of these. :sigh:

I hope you enjoyed these ten things that I found on the internet this week! 🙂

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