Here to Help Learning {Review}

Now that Ryan has started a few college classes, I realize just how important a good writing curriculum can be in our schooling. I have looked at a few different ones, tried a couple of them..and well, can’t find anything that works for us the way I want it to. I was so excited to try Here To Help Learning. It seemed to do things in a different way that appealed to me!

Here to Help Learning Review

I instantly liked the way the website was laid out, super organized for my brain to figure out. Now, it is meant for grades 1-6 and my youngest is in 7th grade, but I needed some review for my kids to make sure we are on the right track. Each section  is set up in ‘flights’. Each flight contains 32 lessons teaching Paragraph Writing for grades 1-3 or 32 lessons teaching Essay Writing for grades 4-6. Each flight is one year long and is about six assignments. My kids are doing well with paragraph writing, but we haven’t done a lot of essays, so we checked out flight 2 in Essay Writing. The website suggests not doing flight 3 without doing at least one flight in Essay writing. Since my kids are all older, I decided to jump into the middle of flight 2.

The Scope and Sequence section on the website breaks down each flight so that you know what is covered throughout the year and what lesson to start on. I decided to start with Persuasive Writing because I know that we haven’t done that type of writing much at all. We used an online subscription, but you can get workbooks with DVD’s that some people like better. Here to Help Learning flight 3The persuasive writing section starts out similarly as other sections. There is a Pre-Flight checklist, which is just a quick video to let you know what to do before your section.  Next is the Flight Check-In. It tells you different things to do as well with little mini videos included that have a bloopers segment or show Super Knucklehead the dog sitting there…hehe! There is also review over the Bible verse.. In the Take Off section, there is a literary challenge of the day. In one of the Persuasive writing sections they spun a wheel and ended up on Metaphor. She explains what a metaphor is with a quick definition. Then there is a photo shown and you have to use the literary challenge word along with the picture on the screen. You are supposed to pause the video while this is going on so you can write. Really gets you to think quickly! The Full Throttle section had us reviewing some questions and going over them. My kids all knew this easily. The last section is Flying Solo. For this section your goal is to convince your father why you don’t want to become a wig maker and why you want to work in the job you have chosen. For the online subscription that I used, you can watch the videos all in one place and then it gives you the option to print worksheets. These help you make sure you do things in order when it comes to writing, from brainstorming all the way through to publish! What is cute about this section is the letter you are supposed to print and give to your child. It is written from ‘Father’ in the year 1682. In it, your father is congratulating you on your 11th birthday and says that he secured an apprenticeship with a wig maker. It is written in a font that suggests an older letter too, so that’s just a fun little part of this section. So your whole goal is to write a persuasive letter (essay) back to your father.

The website suggests working on this for only a couple times a week. Watching all of the videos and then doing the writing. It isn’t tedious and as much as I thought the silliness of the videos would make my kids embarrassed, they didn’t mind it at all. Sometimes the dog videos got them chuckling though. 😉 I can appreciate that they did a great job in the age range that it was meant for!Here to Help Learning Book ProjectLauren was excited about the last section in the Essay Writing because it involves writing a book. She has started so many books and they have all had great starts but then she just putters it away. I would love for her to finish one of her stories! The Write a Book Project is a one year journey where your child becomes an author of a six chapter book. I love how they go over character development, which is so very important, even though the kids may not think so.. A storyboard kind of narrows down each chapter so that you know which way you want your story to go. It is only six chapters, but it still takes a lot of thought process that you don’t think about! The feeling of finally completing a book would help her confidence so much and she would be more apt to keep writing! If she could write a six chapter book now in 7th grade, she will just get better and better for the high school years and beyond!

This section is set up just like the other flights which helps not having to start anything new. The writing process is expanded a bit, but they reiterate that it will take a full year to write your book. I like how they break everything down and talk about the why’s and how’s…in a way that isn’t confusing. We are looking forward to continuing with this for sure!

Here to Help Learning Meet the Authors And for me…I was excited about the Meet the Authors section in the Flight 3/Essay Writing section. The authors are included in the lessons for the Write Your Book lessons. Sometimes I don’t always write correctly here on my blog and I would appreciate learning a little bit more. This section has interviews with professional Christian authors! People who do this for a living!! I need this!

Now, if you aren’t sure where your child should start, you can use their website to choose a skill level and flight. You know your child best though, so look at the scope and sequence and see where you think you should start. Just know that these aren’t grade levels.

I believe this definitely worth a look if you are having a hard time finding writing curriculum for your child. There is a great FAQ section on the website that answer a lot of questions!

Feel free to check out what other reviewers had to say about Here to Help Learning. Maybe one of them had a child that is closer to your own child’s age and you can read about their experience. You may also want to check out their blog, Home To Home for some extra information!

Here to Help Learning {Review}

Here to Help Learning Review

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