Fairy Tale Murder Mystery Party!

I don’t ever remember being jealous of a party that my kids were invited to. Until this one. I have always loved those murder mystery boxed games and have played a few of them! They are only for what 6 people I think?

My friend’s daughter was turning 16 and she wanted to do a murder mystery for her party. A Fairy Tale Murder Mystery Party! There was room for so many people to participate! The whole thing was based on fairy tales, so those were all what the characters were based on. It started with the invitation…

Once Upon a Murder invitationIncluded in the invite were the details of the party, the story behind what happened, and the character you were assigned to. Apparently Cinderella went missing and that’s what started the whole thing.

We found out that Ryan would be the Prince form of the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. I always thought it was Prince Adam, but apparently there are a couple different theories on that…lol. So, we got Ryan all dressed up as best we could….

Ryan as Prince Adam BeastKyle ended up being one of the three little pigs. Turns out he was a realtor as well. We didn’t really dress him up much as we wanted to keep him casual since we thought it went with the story more…

Kyle as one of the three little pigsAnd Lauren was Gran from Little Red Riding Hood. I had no idea what to have her wear, but we ended up finding the perfect dress and shoes at Goodwill. Score!! 😀

Lauren as Gran from Little Red Riding HoodThere was so much thought put into this party! I couldn’t capture all of the details with my lens that I had on the camera, but I got some food pics and such. Everything had a cute name.. The decorations were amazing. There was some fantastic chalk art…everything was totally thought out.

who's the fairest of them allOnce upon a murder mystery party food

Once upon a murder mystery party foodNow, I am totally wanting to do a grown up version of one of these parties! Too bad Jeffy hates things like that. BOOOO!! lol. Everyone did such a great job dressing up too! I really love how everyone went all out and totally thought about the character they were assigned. 🙂 I didn’t get to see everyone before we left but I did when we came back, but it was too dark to get pics. Ah well!

What a fun fun party idea!

Fairy Tale Murder Mystery Party

Fairy Tale Murder Mystery Party

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