Thursday Things

We kind of took this week off school, well, because we can…so my days are all wonky. Not to mention stress that has been going on for a week now that hasn’t had pleasant side effects on my health.. 😛 But, enough negative… Thursday Things is supposed to be about positive stuff!! So, let’s get started before I start going off… Here are some things that I have enjoyed this past week!

Olivia’s Baby Spinach…it’s the best packaged spinach I have had. You may think that all packaged spinach is the same, but really, I don’t think so…I had a different brand last week from a different store and…ew…so, this is my favorite, lol.

Jeans. I have a love/hate with them. We all kind of needed new jeans and do you realize how hard it is to find a 30×34 size for guys in stores? Well, it’s a little easier than finding Jeffy’s 36 length, but still.. So after asking opinions, we all kinda went shopping for denim. The stretch in these jeans is so wonderful. Great for long driving trips, which is perfect. I have been wearing them anytime we drive for any length of time…love!!

We have been loving these wonton strips. We used to have them all the time but couldn’t find them anywhere here! I did find them at a store a while back but it wasn’t local…so, I ordered a huge bag on Amazon. Not sure how long it will last us, but hey…at least we have some, lol.

I have been getting mealworms at a local store and they typically run $25 for about 2lbs. I have been following Chubby Mealworms for a while and saw that they had this five pound bag for only $39! What a deal! 🙂 It’s a great treat for our birds…if they’re happy, I’m happy. lol

I love this 7 years cover by Leah Guest. She changes the words just a little bit, which totally works.

That’s it for this week! Let me know what you liked about this past week! 🙂

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