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Saturday!! The weekend!! My week is still a little wonky and I keep forgetting what day it is, but I think I’ve got it now! Just in time for Sunday and then another Monday. Monday and I aren’t friends lately. Grr. I need to get a better attitude about Mondays… Since we kinda took this week off school I was able to get a little caught up on the internet! I found some nifty things! Now, disclaimer, I am never the first one to the party, so you may have seen a few of these things already. Just…let it go. I like getting a laugh in with myself every now and again, lol. So, here is my Saturday Snippets of things I have seen on the internet lately! 😀

1. Snapchat. I downloaded it forever ago…and deleted it. Repeat that a few more times.. I just don’t get it. It isn’t intuitive at all. I know I have friends on it though, so I do have it again. I recently listened to this tutorial that kinda helps those of you in my same situation, lol. If you don’t want to watch a 30 minute video, you can read this tutorial instead. Or also. 😀

2. Our goats have done some silly things, but I am not exactly sure how this happened. At least help came…

3. Hey, this might help people slow down on the roads…at least for a little bit. 😀

4. What a great story. I love when people work together to make someone smile.

5. Wow.. This is so so good. Gets you thinking!

6. What would you buy with $100 at the grocery store? I don’t really associate with any of these people, lol. Hmm…

7. Soo much has changed from when we were younger. I can only imagine how much different it will be in another 20-30 years.. This made some very valid points!

8. This was rough. I have been in the situation of letting friends go, and I have been in the situation of friends letting go of me. The last paragraph is so true though!

9. I really want to go here. Like, soon. Chicago isn’t that far, right? I just find this kind of thing inspiring.

10. Perfect ending.

Ok, that’s my Saturday Snippets for this week. I hope you enjoyed! 🙂


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