This is a hard review to write. As a lot of you know Ryan is in his junior year of high school. He is the class of 2017!! Which is fitting because variations of 7 and 17 follow him everywhere.. Anyway, I wasn’t ready for this review to slam me in the face like it did, lol. Is your curiosity peaked? Well, I will tell you that this is a review for and can you understand now? Ha! It really got me thinking that he does in fact graduate next year!

Exclusive High School Diploma Review
Our homeschool group has the option of doing a graduation ceremony. The parents with children graduating all plan it, but in the past they do a little slideshow of each child and the parents hand them their diplomas and then they go off into the sunset…hehe… But it is pretty cute and personal! I am thankful that I was made aware of because I tend to get overwhelmed easily in situations like this. I was thinking other people just printed something off the internet or some other random thing, but no…there is a company that makes (beautifully, I might add) diplomas just for homeschool familes! We ended up getting the Exclusive High School Diploma and I am very impressed!

HomeschoolDiploma.comLike I mentioned, I tend to get overwhelmed… But as I logged on to the website to order this diploma it was as easy as checking off boxes on each page. Literally…checking a box or drop down menu on each page a few times and your diploma was ready to be sent off to the company to be printed. Whaattt? And we got our finished diploma super fast!

The diploma that I chose, the Exclusive, starts out with the choice of seal.  You get a choice of four. These seals are engraved onto the diploma and it just looks super nice. I am embarrassed thinking that one would just print something off the internet now, haha!

HomeschoolDiploma.comThen you type in the name of the graduate. It has suggestions all the way through the choices, to help you in deciding how you want your diploma to look. You also pick the gender of the student here… On the next page is where you type in the name of your school and the city/state. Now, in Arizona we really didn’t need to have a school name, but here in North Carolina you do! So, we went with the name we came up with when we first started homeschooling.

The fourth section talks about wording on the diploma. Families are different and they take that into account on how the diploma should be written as well as if they had honors classes, etc… There are four choices here. You are allowed to pick a verse or motto on the following page, or you can leave it blank. You can choose one of the ones suggested or for a small fee you can add one of your own!

HomeschoolDiploma.comNext you fill in the graduation date and if you want one or two signatures. Now, buying this in advance, I didn’t know the exact date, but I assumed that we would be having his graduation in June so that is just what I left it as, with no number date… The next section is choosing paper and lettering style. And the one after that you can choose an honors seal if they went that route.

Toward the end you can pick out your diploma cover. Our homeschool group typically tends to do green gowns and such, so I just went with a green cover. Green has always been the color that we assign to Ryan anyway, so that just worked, ha! There are plenty of cover choices! You can also get their name engraved on the cover if you choose.

HomeschoolDiploma.comThere are some add-on items that you can look through as well.. and then bam, you are done! It is totally that easy! also has other things that you will want to look at for your graduate! Gowns, rings, and the invitations and announcements that you will for sure want to order! I received a couple samples of announcements and I like how they are so different from each other. One reminded me of my invitations from back in the day, with the little name cards, and I kind of liked that…

HomeschoolDiploma.comOne of my favorite things about ordering from here is that you can make everything your own! There are so many things that you can change, or add, that the final items will be as unique as the student receiving them! Now that I have the diploma out of the way for next year, I can now look forward to ordering a gown and invitations. I know that I won’t be as overwhelmed when that time comes… 🙂 Now, I never did order a class ring for myself my senior year, but who knows, maybe Ryan will want one…and they have those too!

If you want to see what other people chose for their diplomas, feel free to click the box below. Some people ordered gowns as well, and that is worth looking at right there!

Exclusive High School Diploma Review {Review}

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