Homeschool Copywork {Review}

Have you seen that meme going around about the old people using cursive as a secret code in the future? It’s worth a giggle, but really, it’s kinda true! With a lot of schools not teaching cursive anymore, I wonder if it is going to be a thing of the past! My kids didn’t do a lot of cursive at their school before we started homeschooling and it took me a while to get to it once we did start. I found a few things online to print for them, but honestly, there just isn’t much out there! Thank goodness for Homeschool Copywork! Seriously!

Homeschool Copywork Review
I was happy to receive a Lifetime Membership to the site… Lifetime means that I can pretty much use everything on the site to my hearts content for as long as the site is around. Such a load off my shoulders! I have seen so many copywork pages online but not many that have cursive, and Homeschool Copywork has a ton! If you wondering what copywork even is, it is pretty much how it sounds, but they have a great section on their website called What Is Copywork that will fill you in..
homeschool copyworkThe website is very user friendly! One thing I really like is that the pages are broken down by age group for you as you can see in the picture above. There is early elementary, upper elementary and then junior high and high school together. I am obviously staying in the junior high/high school section. This is great because sometimes as I was searching online it seemed like a lot of the copywork would be way too young for my kiddos. And that is one way to make them not excited to do something for school…trust me, lol.

Once you click on your chosen age group you are shown such a huge variety of themes for the copywork! You have your Biblical themes, artists, authors, holiday, composers, and just fun things to learn about. There really is something for everyone!

Homeschool CopyworkWe decided…ha…ok, *I decided (pick your battles, am I right?) to start with Character Building. It is full of verses from the Bible that mention ways in which to live that help build character. All of these verses are so great, it is a wonderful selection. Now, even if you do click on the junior high/high school button, the copywork inside that section will still have various handwriting styles. So, there is your lined for printing and lines for cursive, and you can choose which you would like to use.

Each page also includes a picture that goes with each verse that the student could color if they so wish. Every now and again my kids get a coloring bug and enjoy the little break that comes with that.. Doesn’t happen every day, but I do have to admit it is quite calming. 😉

Speaking of coloring, there is a bonus section that has some coloring pages as well as some notebooking pages included. It is a great section to look through often! They come in handy if you are learning about a certain subject and want a little extra..

I will admit that my kids all pretty much can improve handwriting. One writes too small, one writes too big, and one is just all over the place, lol. I think that this will be helpful for each of them in a different way… And me too, because who’s the one checking their schoolwork? Yup…

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Homeschool Copywork Review
Homeschool Copywork {Review}

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