Thursday Things

Seriously, now that Jeffy is working from home it is harder than ever to know what day it is… I guess it is Thursday! It’s been a rainy week for us and it seems to be continuing for a while! We will see! Let’s do this weeks Thursday Things because it is always good to think about the good things… 🙂

First of all, I was glad to get Ryan registered for another semester at college. Now, he isn’t as far along as I would like him to be because our first semester we registered on the very last possible day that you could, so he went in with provisional status and could only take math and english. This semester he took music appreciation and psychology. So now we are trying to do more each semester for his last year. This next semester he is taking art appreciation, public speaking and american history. He is also taking the little class that is full of info about transferring to another college. Even though he isn’t as far along as we would have liked, I am glad he at least got this little start! 🙂

friend timeI was able to hang out with a friend for a few hours. Y’all, it is so hard to make friends after moving across the country… So thankful that she took me in and lets me hang with her, lol. Next time I won’t bring root beer. 😉

mass transitJeffy didn’t travel this week! He has two weeks of travel after this though, so booo… But still, this week was actually pretty nice. Now that he is working from home, he doesn’t mind going out and doing things whereas before, he would be gone all day as well as driving two hours a day and he just wanted to stay home.

Panera Cinnamon Crunch bagel

Panera had a thing for the month of April that you could get a free bagel each day with your Panera card. Dude…have you tried their cinnamon crunch bagels? Soo soo good. I got quite a few this month. 😉

This song… It has been playing all week. And it is good timing too. There are probably going to be quite a bit of changes around here this year and this is just the beginning of them. I know it isn’t a new song at all, but it just fits…and I love it. 🙂

Ok, so that is my Thursday Things for this week! Let me know what you have liked about this past week! 🙂

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