What’s in my protein shake

food-restaurant-lights-nightA couple people have randomly asked what I put in my protein shake. I didn’t know it was a ‘thing’ but I figure I will go ahead and make a post about it, because why not? 😀

So, I will go in order of how I put things in the blender, because then I won’t forget anything.

The first thing I put in is the protein powder. I get this Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Vanilla Ice Cream flavor. It mixes very well with no chunks, and it has a great taste. Jeffy gets the chocolate. I stick with the vanilla since I add stuff to mine…

Product Image for Gold Standard 100% Whey - Vanilla Ice Cream (5 Pound Powder)

Next I put a couple spoonfuls of this Trader Joe’s Flax seed with blueberries. A hint, if you buy this, try and find one where there isn’t any flax seeds up on the top part of the bag…because if there is and you rip open the bag it will go everywhere. Also, it will get stuck in the resealable part of the bag and not close very well…

On top of that I put a handful of baby spinach leaves as well as a good spoonful of coconut oil. Every two weeks I cut up individual servings of one half of a banana, a few strawberries and a small handful of blueberries and put them in the freezer. I take a serving and run a little water over the fruit, but keep them frozen since I want my shake creamy and drop in that one serving.

Next is a half cup of yogurt, usually plain. Sometimes if I run out of plain I will use vanilla. Then almost a half cup of Trader Joe’s tropical carrot juice blend. Any juice works and I used to just use orange juice.

The very last thing I do is put a generous amount of this cinnamon from Costco on top.

I am not one for spicy stuff and this has a little kick to it…but it is perfect!!

I also toast a cinnamon crumpet from Trader Joe’s and put a little butter on top and more of that cinnamon. I ran out of this cinnamon recently and used the ‘regular’ cinnamon that we have and it just was not the same at all…it was like it added no flavor.

This huge thing of cinnamon gets used pretty quickly as I use a ton of it every morning with my breakfast. But it is super cheap at Costco so….it’s all good… 🙂

So, there is my breakfast.. The same thing every day. I am sure eventually I will try something new, but I do tend to eat the same thing for breakfast for a long long time before I switch… 🙂


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