ARTistic Pursuits Inc. {Review}

We have been really working on art this year in school…Trying a bunch of new things, new projects.. We keep coming back to drawing. I think that basic pencil drawing starts out the beginnings of a lot of other art skills. I was excited to review ARTistic Pursuits Inc. and their High School Book 1. With my kids having different age groups I really studied their website to see which book would work the best for us. I looked at the middle school one and figured that just in a short while I would have two kids in high school and one in 8th, so I stuck with the high school book.
ARTistic Pursuits Inc. High School Book OneThe book has 68 lessons throughout its 92 pages. That’s a lot of lessons! I knew we wouldn’t get through all of them before this school year ended, so that was a major reason why we kept with the high school book. It will be great to keep using it for quite a while!

Honestly, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when I got the book. It is a simple bound book…but looking through it, it is so full of information! I was impressed right away! It is so simple the way the lessons are laid out. The book is set in units, there are 16 of them. Each unit has four lessons.  The first lesson in each unit is Building a Visual Vocabulary. Unit 1 is about Space (not the universe kind, lol). Lesson 1 in Unit 1 explains in easy to understand words what Space means and gives examples. It has a little assignment to draw an outdoor scene. I like that they do an assignment right away! I put these drawings aside and y’know, I can’t remember where I put them, so I don’t have pictures of those drawings. I know I will find them after I post this, right??

Anyway…the second lesson of each unit is Art Appreciation and Art History. For Unit 1 they are looking at Medieval artists. There is quite a bit of explanation with a painting for example. It enlarges certain parts of the painting so that you really pay attention to those parts. Mentions things that I would have never seen if they didn’t mention it or point it out! I like that the assignments are in red and easy to see.
ARTistic Pursuits Inc. High School Book OneFor lesson 2 in Unit 1 the assignment was to draw a face. Now, they make it look easy…and the kids were a little frustrated at how hard it was to draw a face. Lauren is the only one that let me take a picture of her drawing. She named hers Joseph. I think she did a good job! I am showing mine as well, as we always do art together for school.

ARTistic Pursuits Inc. High School Book OneARTistic Pursuits Inc. High School Book OneThe third lesson in each unit is about Techniques. Lesson 3 in Unit 1 has you setting up a group of objects and drawing that. They want you to use the space of the page, to tie in what the lesson is about.. I don’t have pictures of these either… You know how hard it is to draw simple objects? Ok, maybe we didn’t pick super simple objects….haha!!
ARTistic Pursuits Inc. High School Book OneLesson four in each unit is Application. The final project of each unit. Taking in everything that you learned in each unit and applying it to this final assignment. For Unit 1, they had a portion of a book and they wanted you to imagine the scene that was given and draw it. Now, I kind of cheated and looked on Google as I wasn’t exactly sure what a dragon looked like, detail wise…but I am proud of the kids and their drawings. Kyle was being very precise on his scales of his dragon and his isn’t finished yet. I am hoping to add it later as he did a very good job!

ARTistic Pursuits Inc. High School Book One

ARTistic Pursuits Inc. High School Book One

ARTistic Pursuits Inc. High School Book OneI am liking that they pretty much let you draw what you want, there isn’t a set thing that you just copy. Because true art is making your own! I think that is great for my kids as they tend to get overwhelmed when they are told to copy something, they get worried that it won’t be ‘good enough’.Now, I am still stuck on having to do a Google image search to get an idea that I want…but I still enjoy the drawing part. Maybe I can learn something from this curriculum as well!

They suggest doing two hour long classes a week for a full year, or 36 weeks. You can then have one full Visual Arts credit! They also suggest that if you wanted to use Book 1 with Book 2 that you can modify that as well. I like that they also give information on how to put together a portfolio that a college may be interested in! We are definitely looking forward to seeing what is in store in the rest of the book…

If you want to check out what everyone else in the group reviewed for Artistic Pursuits Inc., feel free to click on the box below! I love seeing the different grade level books and their projects! 🙂

ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Review
ARTistic Pursuits Inc. {Review}

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