Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization-Institute for Excellence in Writing {Review}

I may have mentioned a few times in the past about different issues my kids have. One child has the hardest time with remembering things. It’s a known fact around here that you have to tell them numerous times anything, and even then you are lucky if they remember. I was excited to review the Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization from Institute for Excellence in Writing because anything that would have said child work on memorizing had to be good! 😉
Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization The box came and it was exciting to open the box. The box is shown above, it is nice and you can store your materials in there again. I was surprised to find that IEW included a printed spiral bound copy of the Student Pages as well! This normally comes as an e-book download in the kit, so it was a wonderful bonus! I print things every day so it was a welcome product in this house!
Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization Along with the Student Pages book that I was sent was the rest of the kit that includes a teacher’s manual and a collection of cd’s that have all the poems and speeches read on them.

In the teachers manual on the front blue page is information on how to access your student e-book AS WELL AS seven audio MP3’s. Nurturing Competent Communicators is one of the MP3’s. We got this included as a dvd in our package, which is nice, I can watch that and have notes going on my computer.

After that is a very thorough Introduction section. I highly suggest reading this! It is 15 pages, but it explains why they chose to do poetry memorization. It then goes into how it is set up as well as how to teach the program. They suggest that everyone starts at Level One and to use the program every day… Download the copy of the first poem and print it out (or if you have the student book, use that) and then listen to the poem on the CD. Then, say the title and author and the poem together. As that is learned, you can go on to the next poem.

There is an appendix in the back that gives suggestions on studies that you can do with each of the poems. We love unit studies and this is right up our alley. We took a little extra time and did a lot of these lesson enhancements. There is another appendix that lists the biographies of the authors in the book. We used these along with the other lesson enhancements.

Now, the student book has little drawings that can be colored as the child is learning each poem. My kiddos are doing a lot of drawing and art projects already and we just didn’t use the coloring section, but I think this would be fantastic for younger kids and help them remember each poem easier.

As we have moved through our poems, we have noticed that they definitely get harder! For the multi stanza poems you can take longer, they suggest one stanza a day, or whatever works for you. You can flip through the book and there are some things that I can only imagine being able to memorize…and I am curious how that will go, haha!! But I am looking forward to trying! And for the record, the child that I talked about in the beginning? They are doing the best at memorizing the poems so far…crazy, right?

If you want to check out what other families liked about their time with these poems, click on the box below! 🙂

Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization  IEW Review
Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization-Institute for Excellence in Writing {Review}

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