Saturday Snippets

SaturdaySnippetsSometimes you need to just sit down at the computer and chill for a while. Not like Netflix and Chill though. No. Just, you know, browse for a while. So, in my down time I like to just hang out a find interesting stuff… That’s where my Saturday Snippets come in, because there has to be at least one other person out there like me, lol.

  1. We all have seen the Chewbacca video of the woman in the Kohl’s parking lot…well, here is the sequel! And she is going on GMA, lol.
  2. I am in love with these photographs of little cars in different surroundings..beautiful!
  3. You may have seen this post about appreciating teachers. I am all for it! I have quite a few friends that are teachers!
  4. This is a year old, but I just saw it…an angry ram and a tether ball combo. 😀
  5. This article is timely since Ryan is turning 17 soon…but I think he is doing pretty well!
  6. The 11th best archer in the world…you need to check him out!
  7. I love this light garland and it would be so fantastic in Lauren’s room, but I think it would die too fast and make me mad about the time spent on it, lol. Maybe fake flowers?
  8. What a wonderful idea for so many reasons. More cities should do something like it!
  9. I’ve always thought I was creative, and it seems like I fit right in with everyone else. Almost. lol
  10. And yes…I gotta end with something oh so cute…gotta hug them babies!

That’s all my Saturday Snippets for today! Let me know if you found anything fun this week on the internet! 🙂

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