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I guess it is Saturday again already! About half way through June and almost the true beginning of summer. Summer is still my least favorite season. I am so looking forward to the fall already. It hasn’t been awful weather yet, so I don’t know where my animosity is coming from already. At least it isn’t very long here, as opposed to how it is in Phoenix where it is just hot and hotter for the majority of the year…

So, here are my Saturday Snippets for this week. I have found such a variety of things this past week.. Let’s hope I saved them all, lol. This week has been a little wonky for me with getting on the computer, I just didn’t as much as normal, or when I did I was working on, well, work stuff… Let’s just do this thing and see what happens.. 😉


  1. Surprise Adoption reveal. Has to be one of the greatest surprises out there.
  2. I love personality test type things…but this one was a little different than most! Let me know your results!!
  3. Fonts.. I hate basic fonts, but I am also not a font snob. Probably in the middle. I had to laugh at some of these descriptions though…
  4. Oh, but you have to watch all four minutes of this little short film…all the way to the end..
  5. Ok, I had no idea how easy it was to make your own snap chat geofilter! Here’s how!
  6. I love this couple chatting about being married 70 years. It’s just a quick video, but they are so cute. 🙂
  7. Wow.. This article that talks about the life of a 13yo right now, with all of the technology and likes and lol’s. I am so glad that Lauren doesn’t do social media or really care what people think. I wonder how different she would be if she weren’t homeschooled.. hmm.
  8. I am fascinated with the photos and videos that drones have produced as of late. Here is a compilation of videos from The New York City Drone Film Festival. Fantastic!
  9. Slugs I do not like…but I can deal with snails. Check out these pictures, it almost makes snails look adorable. 😉
  10. And because tomorrow is Father’s Day, this little compilation of fathers that you may or may not have seen floating around Facebook or YouTube or wherever videos like this may have been shared, lol.

So, there are a few things to keep you busy on some day that you just want to veg out a bit.. 🙂 Hope you enjoy them!

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2 Responses to Saturday Snippets

  1. I couldn’t make it through 30 seconds of the cube test music. I read too fast for slow transitions and they drive me nuts! The 13 year old girl here and now article — wow! I love social media but I’ve found that I like Instagram and blogging with a healthy dose of Pinterest better than Facebook. In fact, I deactivated my Facebook account. I don’t even care about the notifications nor do I need the validation. I actually have them turned off. Strange world…. Love these little lists!

    • Jennifer says:

      It made me angry that it was slow as well, lol…but it was kinda cool. 😀
      My social media of choice now is instagram for sure. I use pinterest to fall asleep at night. Snapchat is fun for the filters and hearing people throughout their day. Facebook? Eh.. I check it randomly to see things from friends not on other social media.

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