Ok, this is just me sitting here sharing something with you… Hollar. I know you’ve seen it advertised!

I admit, I was skeptical. All of these things for really low prices! I kept looking at the site whenever I would see it come up in my feed and it intrigued me, but I didn’t know anyone to do it!

FINALLY I saw a friend get a box on Instagram! Hooray!! So, I ordered a box when I got a discount code. Yeah, a discount code on top of the already low prices!

So, y’all know that we are in the process of becoming foster parents. I saw all of these cute baby toys on the Hollar site! Since we aren’t sure of the age or sex of the babies placed with us, I got a variety of toys, and a good amount too! Oh, I also got a cat scratch thing with catnip, because why not, lol.

Now, they messaged me that they got my order and then I didn’t hear anything for a while. Finally I got the message that it was sent, hooray! I think I ordered on June 19th? And I got it today, July 7th.

hollarSee? It’s just like the little ad! Everything is packed in there like a tetris game. 😀 A few things were wrapped in plastic bags but most everything was just packaged loose, which I am totally fine with. Nothing got damaged, there weren’t any issues at all! Granted, it took a little bit of time to get the box and that might throw some of you off, but really, I don’t think there is anything on there that I couldn’t live without for a few weeks, y’know?

I mentioned it on Facebook and one of my friends commented that they had Essie nail polish on there, which I hadn’t seen since I was just looking at baby toys while I was on there. Ok, and the cat dealio, but still. But I am curious now! They have all sorts of things on there!

So, I will definitely be using Hollar again!

If you are interested like I was, feel free to use my link and you will get $2 to use towards your first purchase. 🙂 And I will get a little something after your first purchase too! Hooray, we all get to buy more things!! lol.

And if you aren’t interested, but were curious on if I would ever get a box, here is your answer! I know there were a couple of you that had wondered….lol.

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