20 years?!?

Friday afternoon we had a visit from our social worker. She wanted to talk about the relationship that Jeffy and I have. I thought it was fitting because today is our 20th anniversary. 20 years?!? I know, right? The time has gone so fast and I still feel like that 22 year old sometimes..haha!

We have been through so many things in those 20 years. And well, if you count them, the seven years previous! You can imagine, since we started dating when I was 15.. Through everything we have been through, we never wanted to be apart from each other.

I started making this little video and well, our internet went out. I didn’t get to finish it, clean it up or anything…heck, I barely even was able to upload it! Here I sit at a McDonald’s as I am out running errands hoping that it uploads before my battery runs out. 😛 They do have outlets though, if I am desperate. (Thankfully)

But if you wanted to check out a little of our life in this video, go ahead! Just don’t pay attention to my silly voice and the bad editing because I just couldn’t do much without internet at our house. (Of course when we call they say they will come out sometime by the end of the month…hooray…) Even when we do have internet out download speeds are like…1.19? Gotta love Century Link in the country…

Anyway, while I am still surprised that Jeffy and I have been married for 20 years, I am looking forward to the next 20, God willing. There are changes on the horizon, some we have put voice to and some that are just now barely even thoughts. I know we will have ups as well as downs, because that’s just how we roll…I am looking forward to it all though.

I was going to include some pictures and make this a pretty post, but I left the cd at home that had the pictures on it. And well, my battery is going dead and someone just sat at the table with the outlet. I also have to go do more errands.

So, like the life that Jeffy and I lead, here is a crazy mixed up video of our first 20 years…lol. I don’t even know if this post made sense, but whatever…hahahaha…


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